Profile: FOY Custodians at St. Robert.

Few people choose a custodial position as their first choice among the employment openings at Focus on Youth because many believe that the job is merely cleaning, but this is not the case. The custodian role also involves meeting lots of people, having a great time with your coworkers, and making friends.

Custodians having a blast while cleaning

Thanks to their dedication, the school is always a clean and safe environment for the campers at St. Robert. They make sure that everything is in its proper position, the classroom is clean, and the windows are pristine. They decide on a classroom and begin by setting up the furniture. They make sure every desk is clear and spotless before removing them to start cleaning the floor and the windows. The school wouldn’t be spotless inside and out if it weren’t for Leah and Marc’s diligent efforts.

Because of their dedication, St. Robert is now a spotless and secure camp where campers can spend meaningful time together.


FOY Custodians (left to right): Marc Jethro Carandang and Leah Madayag

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