PROFILE: TCE Community Programs (Mount Dennis/Our Lady of Victory)

The Child Experience is a non-profit organization which keeps kids engaged with a fun summer by hosting summer camps across the Toronto area. Their various programs allow kids of all ages to interact with each other, alongside both high-school and post secondary mentors. At TCE camps, they focus on sports, drama and arts and crafts. Their camps run from 9am to 3pm and during these times, campers are encouraged to participate in the activities along with joining in on games and team-building exercises.

At TCE Mount Dennis, they decided to educate the kids and spark passion within them by taking them on a trip to the Ontario Science Centre! While here, both the kids and campers were engaged on all the unique things the centre had to offer. They spent their time trying various scientific activities while spending quality time with their counsellors and peers! The campers had an amazing time roaming around the centre while learning new things and creating awesome memories!

The Focus on Youth staff at Mount Dennis play a big role in helping the campers days. They come to work with a constant smile on their face and are always engaged with the kids! While at the Ontario Science Centre, they helped the kids find interest in new concepts and participated in the various small activities placed around the place! Overall, they help the campers seek new interests and become more engaged with the real world.

Focus on Youth Staff from left to right: Sara Galinato, Zoey Heath, Eric Tapodi



The Child Experience


70 Guestville Avenue, York

Dates and Times (2022)

July 4 – August 12

9:00 A.M – 3:00 P.M


7 to 12 years old

Contact Information:

Anthony Tacoma

647-GOT-CAMP / (647-468-2267)


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