PROFILE: TCE St. Monica (Sherwood)

The Child Experience or TCE is a non-profit organization created to keep children engaged throughout the summer. Their program allows children to interact with other campers their age while being mentored by students in high school and post-secondary educational institution. Their programs have a focus on sport, drama activities and arts and craft. Every campers are encouraged to participate in all three activities each day while also participating in games, song, cheers and team building exercises.

A normal day at TCE St. Monica is filled with fun and exciting activities that the campers will enjoy. For example, the activities that were planned by the camp counsellors required that they be grouped into teams and compete with each other on a bunch of sports-related activities. The first activity was for the teams to race each other by running side by side into the ladders on the floor, and whichever team finishes first wins.

While the camp counsellors were setting up the next activity, the kids played some fun games in their free time.

The next activity that the campers did was that each team had to complete a bunch of tasks to be able to move on to the next round of the race. For example, they have to run and dodge all the cones in front of them, do jumping rope, then kick a soccer ball to the goal, then shoot a ball, then do hopscotch, then climb up the slide, then slide down, then grab a sponge soaked with water and squish it into another bucket.

To end the day, the campers played “Water Duck, Duck Goose”. The campers were running around, soaking the camp counsellors and each other with water. Playing this game was certainly the highlight of the day.

Take a look on this recap on a fun day at TCE St. Monica!


Marizel Montenegro and Zara Barcelos Pena



The Child Experience


14 Broadway Ave, Toronto

Dates and Time (2023)

9:00 am – 3:00 pm


7-12 years old


647-GOT-CAMP / (647-468-2267)


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