PROFILE: St. Bernard’s Footsteps to Success

St. Bernard’s Footsteps to Success is a summer camp that ranges from ages 5-13 and starts on July 4th and ends on August 11th. The camp attempts to instill strong self identities and give them new opportunities that they might not have. The Focus on Youth staff bring exciting energy and serve as great role models that some of the kids might not have back home. The camp focus’ on all the important aspects that help the development of children.

Campers learning soccer drills

At St. Bernard there is a schedule that the campers and camp councilors follow. Throughout the day they cycle through a variety of different activities such as: sports, leadership, and health wellness. All of which are very important skills that children need to learn. In the morning the children are greeted in the gym then are taken to their classrooms. The children will then go outside for physical activities for an hour. They will then have a snack break and move onto health and wellness. After health and wellness the kids will have lunch then go play basketball in the gymnasium. On Fridays the campers and camp councilors have a water gun fight.

Camp counselors and campers playing concentration

The Focus on Youth staff work very hard to give the campers a very fun and exciting camp experience. They are always high energy and trying to give it their all and encourage the children to try new things. They are always there to lend a hand to the kids and look out for them. The camp counselors always add something different across each camp, making it fun, exciting and different for every camper.





St. Bernard’s Footsteps to Success


12 Duckworth St, North York

Dates and Times (2023)

July 4-August 11

9:00 A.M – 4:00 P.M


8 to 13 years old

Contact Information:


Web site:

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