Profile: TCE Community Programs (St. Brigid)

The Child Experience (TCE) is a non-profit organization which provides an innovative and dynamic educational program designed to offer children an unforgettable and enriching summer experience. These camps focus on a diverse range of activities which cater to the unique interests and passions of each participant.

Campers enjoying different activities throughout the day

TCE at St. Brigid campers enjoy many activities including academic pursuits, creative arts, sports, and outdoor adventures. They also have sports, team-building exercises, and outdoor adventures that encourage physical health, teamwork, and adventure. TCE Community Programs help build campers social skills and also helps character development.

Campers having fun outside

Overall, TCE Summer camps provide an amazing environment that grows young minds and spirits, encouraging a love for learning new things, personal growth and much more. Most importantly making new friends and enjoying their summer.

Foy Staff (from left to right) Shakithjini Kunaseelan and Aruni Gomes



The Child Experience


St. Brigid C.S

50 Woodmount Avenue, East York


July 4th – August 11th

9 AM – 3 PM


7 years old -12 years old

Contact Information:

Anthony Tacoma (Executive Director)


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