PROFILE: TCE Community Programs (St. Nicholas of Bari)

Profile: The Child Experience Canada Summer Camps – TCDSB Focus On Youth

TCE Canada Summer Camps is a non-profit organization that tries to keep children engaged throughout the summer. The age ranges from 7-12 and lasts for 6 weeks. Their camps allow children to make new friends, and engage with high school students to be role models for campers. The camps focus on different aspects that are very important for children such as drama, sports, and arts and crafts. Not only do they focus on these three aspects but as well as games, songs, and most importantly team building activities.

The campers and camp councilors playing freeze dance.

At TCE Caledonia the camp follow a regular schedule. In the morning they start with their morning ceremonies, then they break off into their groups for the day. Throughout the day the campers will engage in different activities throughout the day. They will do arts and crafts, drama, or a physical activity. After their first morning activity they will have a snack and do a different activity. After their second morning activity, the campers will have lunch. Then they will go to the splash park for a few hours then pack up to go home.


The Focus on Youth staff are always trying their hardest to make sure every camper is included. Most of them are high school students or recent graduates which means they bring a fun, youthful energy that other not FOY run camps might not have. They also provide a mentorship that the campers might not have at home. They provide a safe, supporting, and caring place for the campers and everyone else and always make sure everyone is safe, happy, and healthy.




The Child Experience


St. Nicholas of Bari CS

363 Rogers Road

2023 Dates:

July 4th-August 11th


6 years old-12 years old

Contact Information:

647-GOT-CAMP / (647-468-2267)


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