PROFILE: Malvern Family Resource Centre (Littles)

The Malvern Family Resource Centre is a social service organization based in Scarborough, offering a variety of programs and services created with the intent to meet the needs of the residents of North Scarborough and the Malvern community. Their summer program located at 90 Littles Rd and provides a welcoming environment and many fun activities, along with weekly trips to engage campers and ensure they are enjoying themselves to the fullest each summer.

The average day there includes a morning routine in the gym to warm up and the counselors setting up activities for the kids to play. Campers get put into groups and can be involved in activities every day! Group one can be seen playing a racing game involving groups of two racing each other past the obstacle course that includes bowling pins and hula-hoops. Meanwhile, the camp counselors at group two have set up a game of baseball where one team has to score the most runs to win.

The MFRC also provides kindergartener programs that allow kids to interact with the camp counselors and parents at daycare.

The camp counselors do everything they can to make sure that the camp experience is as smooth and fun for the campers as possible.


In order from left to right : Brittany, Ilexiah , Justyce, Joshua and Emily.

Here’s the recap of the day!



Malvern Family Resource Centre

90 Littles Road, Scarborough, ON M1B 5E2

Dates and Times (2023)
July 4th – August 24th, 2023
9:00am – 4:00pm


Contact Information:

(Fax) 416-293-1997


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