PROFILE: Father Henry Carr (Footsteps to Success)

Footsteps to Success is one of three camps created by Andre Fullerton. It was founded to encourage youth participation and to aid in the development of metropolitan areas. At this camp, youth can learn and develop leadership, teamwork, creativity, and cultural awareness. Footsteps to Success’ purpose is to invest in youngsters in order to change their perceptions and introduce them to new opportunities while also benefiting the community. Students with a focus on youth who give excitement, great vibes, and the ability to become outstanding role models supervise the campers.

Both campers and counselors at the movies

Camp Counselors and Youth Supervisors collaborate to plan fun activities and games for the day. The kids always show to be enjoying themselves while participating in the games that their counselors have planned for them, and they always appear to be having more fun whenever they go on a  trip on Thursdays. The Footsteps to Success Summer Camp is a very fun and exciting recreational facility that gives campers unforgettable memories of their camp trips, friends, etc. The Footsteps to Success Camp aims to develop in its students a daily understanding of the value of exhibiting.

Different amazing activities happening at Carr

From July 2 through August 9, youth ages 5 to 14 can take part in Footsteps to Success at Father Henry Carr. This summer camp includes free admission, a free meal each morning, weekly outings, swimming, and lectures such as the STEAM Program. Every day, the staff guides the campers in morning exercises to help them prepare and motivate them for the day. The youngsters rotate between several activities such as sports, arts, and leadership. The program also includes a selection of weekly excursions to places such as the Cineplex, Canada’s Wonderland, and many others!

The Arts Program gives kids and counselors the chance to engage and express their creativity, which can lead to the development of relationships. Activities in the arts include things like music, dance, singing, and crafts. In the Leadership Program, young people develop their leadership abilities and learn about the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. As part of the Sports Program, the kids enjoy participating in a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, and more, alongside their friends and the staff. It motivates kids to exert themselves and keep moving. Not to add that the campers get together frequently to play a range of team games!


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Footsteps to Success Father Henry Carr


Father Henry Carr Catholic Secondary School

1760 Martin Grove Rd & Finch Ave, Etobicoke, ON, M9V3S4


6-13 years

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