PROFILE: Custodial Placements

Along with running and working with many different camps across the Greater Toronto Area, Focus on Youth also has many placements where students are dispersed in different schools and help the janitorial staff. This creates great opportunities for students because they learn the value of hard work. It’s also great for the custodial staff because the students can help out with cleaning in tough to reach areas, as well as getting the schools cleaned in a timely fashion.

Such as any work environment, it will vary from place to place. However, the end goal and work done is the same. Most commonly they will clean lockers, furniture, desks, baseboards, and sweeping and mopping. Their schedules are also very similar with cleaning in the morning, taking time for lunch then continue cleaning until 4:00 PM. Due to the fact that each school is also built differently, the custodians utilize different strategies to get the most done in the least amount of time.

The Focus on Youth custodial staff are hardworking, reliable, and caring. They always are doing the best they can to help keep the schools clean and sanitary. Without them the schools wouldn’t be as clean as they are in September. Although they are not seen as much as the camp counselors they are just as important and a very useful aspect of Focus on Youth.




Focus on Youth


St. Martha (1865 Sheppard Ave W)

St. Antoine Daniel (20 Beverly Hills Dr )

Mary Ward (3200 Kennedy Rd)

Father Henry Carr (1760 Martin Grove Rd)

St. Bernard (12 Duckworth St)

Santa Maria (25 Avon Ave)

Loretto College (151 Rosemount Ave)

St. Basil-The-Great (20 Starview Ln)

St. Mother Teresa (40 Sewells Rd)

James Cardinal McGuigan (1440 Finch Ave W)

Dates and Times:

July 4th-August 11th

8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.


16 or older

Contact Information:


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