Profile: St Dorothy’s Power to Girls

powertogirlsThe Power to Girls Foundation brings together girls of the community and lead them along their journey of self discovery, self confidence and empowers campers to be their best and brightest selves. Power to Girls’ main focus is to teach young girls their worth in a society that sometimes tell them otherwise.


A fun game of Huckle Buckle, it’s all about the team work!

Everyday at Power to Girls each young girl is reminded that they are smart, strong and able to achieve anything they set their mind to. The power of discussion is significant at Power to Girls as the campers have the chance to vocalize their opinions about what it means to be a girl today, as well as hear the opinions of others.


The campers learn about photography from a guest artist

The campers are able to express themselves artistically through activities like making off the shoulder tops and learning photography from a guest artist! The art based camp also allows the campers to experience poetry, digital media, visual art and more. They also have the opportunity to stretch their minds and bodies by playing sports and other fun games.


Power to Girls believe every camper deserves to be heard and feel valued in order to recognize the significance of their words and actions.  Needless to say, the campers’ experience at Power to Girls will play a positive and significant part in the impactful individuals they will grow to become.


FOY Staff: Alexa D, Adriel M, Anointing A, Lawrenda O and Isabella B



Power to Girls Foundation

155 John Garland Boulevard, Toronto, ON

8-15 years old

July 4 – August 11

9:30am- 4:00pm

Contact Information:


PROFILE: Community MicroSkills Development


MicroSkills - Helping You Build A Better Future

Microskills Youth Services hosts a summer camp that focuses on leadership and the arts, open to youth ages 13-18 years old. Founded in 1985, the program was initially created for women, to teach them skills in technology. Later, it developed into a program that taught newcomers. Ten years ago, it became the program it is now; an arts and leadership camp for youth.


Campers and counsellors come together for a group shot!

The camp is located at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School, and runs from 11am-6pm on a daily basis.


Creating a one take scene

The camp has various activities that focus mainly on arts, such as various forms of film. There are also leadership building activities as well as physical activities such as soccer or capture the flag that keep the youth active and engaged.


Receiving lessons in videography

Through the skills and experience gained from this camp, campers will learn more of Canadian culture and have the necessary skills to enter the workforce in the future.


(Left To Right) FOY Staff: Arianna Bent (BOSCO), Nathaniel Bennett (BOSCO)



Community MicroSkills Development

Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School
2 St Andrews Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9R 1V8

Dates & Times:
Monday to Friday
11:00 am-6:00 pm

13 years old – 18 years old

Contact Information:
Andrae Walsh
416-247-7181 ext. 2606


Profile: Urban Arts


The Urban Arts camp supports young people that aspire to become artists or have a passion for art itself. Many different arts ranging from painting to drama to singing to even playing sports. The goal of this camp is to unite and engage all the youth through the form of art.


Campers are getting ready for a drawing competition.

Throughout the day, the campers participate in many events that fulfills the theme of the camp. Each week there are different themes like sports, dance, drama, and even cooking! During that week, all the activities are based on that theme and it provides a new experience for each camper.


Field trip to the AGO! (Art Gallery of Ontario)

Besides staying at school, the campers also go out on field trips to learn more about the history of art and how to become a better artist too! Campers are enlightened about the different types of art so that they can broaden their perspective in the artistic world.



The Urban Arts organization is a great place for youth in the area to learn the importance of art and also expressing themselves as a person. This camp advocates the for youth to freely voice their thoughts through the form of art.


FOY Staff: Nana Amoah, Sean Sarangay, Bianca Robinson (JCM Centre)


Urban Arts

12 Duckworth St
M6M 4W4

July 6th – August 14th

8 years old – 14 years old

Contact Info:




logoSMART Camp stands for Sports, Math, and RecTraining Camp with cooperative and interactive games in an engaging manner. This educational camp is truly a win-win situation for both the campers and parents because “kids get smart, parents get peace of mind”.

Campers estimate the distance from the start line to where they hit their golf ball

Campers estimate the distance from the start line to where they hit their golf ball

In addition to their educational activities, the camp also offers arts and crafts with toys and games to play during the program. The camp focuses on the physical skills through drills and co-operative games such as: soccer, volleyball, golfing and basketball. Their math program include the topics of: place value, estimation, geometry, surveys/graphs and problem solving.

The camp supervisor, Gerry, talks to the campers before they get started

The camp supervisor, Gerry, talks to the campers before they get started

The SMART Camp also focuses on arts and crafts which include: gimp, painting, tie dye, clay, face painting, paper mache and drawing. Parents have even described the camp’s approach, “Sound Math in a Sound Body” as “sliding education in through the side door”.

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FOY staff:

FOY staff (From left to right): Michael, Taelor



Smart Camp


24 Mountjoy Ave.

Toronto, ON


June 29 – August 21

9:00 am – 4:00 pm


4 – 12

Contact information:

(416) 419-8408


PROFILE: Urban Arts Camp



In the early 2000’s, a group of people who lived in the Weston- Mount Dennis community had a love for the arts and wanted to put on plays and performances within the community. Unable to secure funding for their endeavours, the group took it upon themselves to teach children the importance of arts and the freedom of expression that comes along with them. Urban Arts was founded shortly thereafter, “engaging youth through the arts”!


Teaching the kids different games they can play with their friends!


Playing some Huckle Buckle!

Today, the Urban Arts organization has blossomed. A not-for-profit operation out of the Weston – Mount Dennis neighbourhood. They offer a series of programs such as music, dance, visual arts and leadership. The organization services approximately 400 children throughout the year.


Playing a fun game of ladders with the campers!


They got super into it!

As a means to accomodate the children whom they do not get to work with throughout the year, they offer a summer program. This summer program – a condensed version of all the programs that the Urban Arts organization runs throughout the year – begins on July 2 and runs until August 15.

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The FOY staff working with Urban Arts! Shanice, Chelsea, Abiola, Veronica, Jan-Aura

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Urban Arts


Chaminade College School

490 Queens Dr

Toronto, ON M6L 1M8


July 7 – August 15, 2014

9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Contact Info:


Beats.Mind.Movement Coordinator



PROFILE: Eastview Boys and Girls Club (Holy Cross)

Go to the Eastview Boys & Girls Club section of the B&G Club of Greater Toronto website

Operating for more than 40 years, the Eastview (Toronto) Boys and Girls Club continues to provide youth with a safe and welcoming place to spend their time during the summer. Their vision, “to be at the forefront of community inclusion, leadership, well-being, participation and healthy development for the Eastview community”, is constantly demonstrated in one of their locations: Holy Cross Catholic School.

Leadership values being taught in-class

As a summer day camp, the Eastview B&G Club runs for 8 weeks during the months of July and August. From 9AM to 4PM, they provide youth with a wide variety of activities that help their campers develop team-building, leadership, and good moral character. These activities give the youth something fulfilling to do in the summer, while on top of all having fun!

A glimpse of what they do in the gym and during free time:

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Their priority is also delivering a wide range of physical activities that keep their campers active and healthy during the summer: camp counsellors host games in the gym or they play sports outdoors. Other activities include cooking/baking, leadership classes, arts & crafts, going on trips, and much more.

The gallery below features campers excitedly baking cupcakes during their indoor activities:

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The Eastview Boys and Girls Club would not have been where it is today without their dedicated staff and supporters, as well as Focus On Youth. Through FOY, the organization is able to use school sites to run camps, and hire devoted staff whom reflect the camp’s values.

FOY Staff (from left to right) Rolph Banawa, Teanna Bujold and Shonie Jasmin

Focus On Youth staff Shonie Jasmin highlights the importance of always being prepared with the campers: with the number of kids they have at camp, “you’ll never know which group you’re gonna get, so you always have to adjust yourself… be energetic, be positive all the time, so they can follow you.” As she continues to work with the campers, she develops patience, building a stronger moral character herself. Fellow counsellor Rolph Banawa says that he loves working with the kids, as they always give him energy. Through the many weeks they’ve worked with the Eastview B&G Club, there was never a dull moment!



Organization: Eastview Boys and Girls Club (part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Toronto)

Location: Holy Cross Catholic School

299A Donlands Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 3R7

Dates/Times: July 4th – August 22nd, Monday to Friday, 9AM to 4PM

Contact Information:

Laurette Jack


Eastview Boys & Girls Club at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Toronto website

Eastview Boys & Girls Club at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada website

Profile: Heart Beatz


Heart Beatz provides camp, day camp, and youth program services to residents from the McCowan to Kingston areas. Their target age group is 2 1/2 to 12 years old. The centre operates from 7am-6pm.


Focus On Youth student Kevin Villafuerte playing cards with some of the children.

The organization began as a community centre over 30 years ago in a basement of a church and has flourished  into a child care and camp facility.

Prekshya Pandey teaches children to make friendship bracelets.

Heart Beatz‘ mission statement is  “to provide services and activities in response to the changing needs and interests of the Cliffcrest community on a non-segregated and non-political basis.”


They highly value respect, well-being and integrity through shared relationships.

This year, a broadway musical performance will take place at the AGM, where parents hold a meeting and come together. In preparation for this concert, a performer visits the camp every Friday from the beginning of July to August 23rd, to help the children prepare. The costumes and props are taken care of by the children themselves.


Campers have a mini computer in the room

The campers also have excursions to Casa Loma, Black Creek Pioneer Village and High Park.


Stretch stretch stretch! Participants copy the dance instructor for warm-ups.


Kevin Villafuerte doing warm-ups with the campers.

At the Cliffcrest Community Centre, it is their first year having Focus On Youth employees and are said to be always “busy and active with the kids.”


Focus On Youth student Prekshya Pandey helps a camper with arts and crafts.


From wall to ceiling! Arts and Crafts everywhere!



Some of the artwork the children made outdoors.



Who knew you can knit with only your hands and yarn alone?! These kids are talented!
Focus On Youth student, Eullyssa Lazado gets all crafty!


A finished product by one of the campers. Impressive!


Here’s what we’ve knitted so far!



Organization:  Heart Beatz

Location(s):  2938 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, ON M1J 2E4

Ages:  2 and a half to 12 years old

Dates / Times:  7AM-6PM


Contact Info:

Phone: 416-267-6293 x223

Fax: 416-267-6932