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The Urban Arts camp supports young people that aspire to become artists or have a passion for art itself. Many different arts ranging from painting to drama to singing to even playing sports. The goal of this camp is to unite and engage all the youth through the form of art.

Campers are getting ready for a drawing competition.

Throughout the day, the campers participate in many events that fulfills the theme of the camp. Each week there are different themes like sports, dance, drama, and even cooking! During that week, all the activities are based on that theme and it provides a new experience for each camper.

Field trip to the AGO! (Art Gallery of Ontario)

Besides staying at school, the campers also go out on field trips to learn more about the history of art and how to become a better artist too! Campers are enlightened about the different types of art so that they can broaden their perspective in the artistic world.



The Urban Arts organization is a great place for youth in the area to learn the importance of art and also expressing themselves as a person. This camp advocates the for youth to freely voice their thoughts through the form of art.

FOY Staff: Nana Amoah, Sean Sarangay, Bianca Robinson (JCM Centre)


Urban Arts

12 Duckworth St
M6M 4W4

July 6th – August 14th

8 years old – 14 years old

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