PROFILE: Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples

The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples is an organization that provides youth in the area a new and fun way to learn. The campers are taught many different skills throughout the course of summer. The main goal of this camp is to respond to the various needs of the Spanish community, particularly the newcomers. Throughout the week,... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Footsteps to Success

Footsteps to Success - St. Timothy's Location is a free summer camp offered to children through non-profit organizations who strive to provide children with a fun summer. This location in particular is newly created for the Syrian refugee children who are looking to be welcomed to Canada, all while learning about different cultures and gaining social skill through new... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Dmitrik Sports

Hoop House Basketball is the camp to be at if you are looking to gain some basketball skills. This camp is founded by Michael Dmitrik, since he was a child he has had a passion for basketball and he now has over 10 years of experience with being a certified NCCP (national certificate coaching program) coach. A... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Live For Ball

Live for Ball is an organization located at Blessed Cardinal Newman High School, 100 Brimley Rd. They strive to develop and enhance team and individual fundamental basketball skills in a positive, fun environment. Since the organization was founded in 2008 by Katrina Sorra and Isaac King, the LFB community has grown larger each year. During... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: St Andrew Parish Camp

St Andrew's Parish Camp focuses on Parish, Family, and Community/Neighbourhood. Founded nine years ago with the help of the parish, St Andrew, the camp flourished into what it is today with the assistance of other community members. It is located at St Andrew Parish Church and runs from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm on Monday... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Community MicroSkills Development

  Microskills Youth Services hosts a summer camp that focuses on leadership and the arts, open to youth ages 13-18 years old. Founded in 1985, the program was initially created for women, to teach them skills in technology. Later, it developed into a program that taught newcomers. Ten years ago, it became the program it... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Central Neighbourhood House

  Central Neighbourhood House has been around for 104 years making it Toronto's second oldest settlement house. The programs offered by Central Neighbourhood House are for children, women, seniors, families and Canadians. The goal for the child programs are to help children reach their full potential as they grow into young adults. The Central Neighbourhood House camp... Continue Reading →

Profile: Grassroots

Grassroots is an organization that gives youth in the area an opportunity to train themselves into better people through basketball. The staff at Grassroots have taught the youth many important skills that will help them become the best they can be. Each day, the campers start off with light warm-ups to get the blood pumping to their muscles.... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Tropicana Community Services

Tropicana Community Services was founded by Robert Brown about 36 years ago with the thought of assisting with the transition for those emigrating from the Caribbean. The company’s name was formed from “tropi-” in Tropical and “-cana” from Canada, making the known name of Tropicana.  Camp Tropicana's main goal/philosophy is to promote multiculturalism. The staff strongly believes that learning about other cultures and... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Faceup Basketball Camp

FaceUp Basketball Camp of Scarborough is a warm and welcoming place that helps all campers improve their basketball skills, as well as team building skills. Not only does this camp focus on basketball, but it also builds leadership skills and allows for long-term friendships to be made. Mornings at FaceUp Basketball Camp focus on strength... Continue Reading →

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