PROFILE: St Andrew Parish Camp

St Andrew’s Parish Camp focuses on Parish, Family, and Community/Neighbourhood. Founded nine years ago with the help of the parish, St Andrew, the camp flourished into what it is today with the assistance of other community members. It is located at St Andrew Parish Church and runs from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm on Monday to Friday.

Media team greeted by curious camper

To focus on Parish, the camp holds activities and games that explores and introduces the Catholic faith to the children. They play trivia games that help them learn about stories in the Bible. It is a fun and engaging way to help the children learn about their religion.

IMG_6988 copy.jpg
Campers get lessons on how to create charm bracelets

Camp activities include arts and crafts, cooking/baking, games, and sports. The children are able to develop their creativity, leadership, and cooperation skills through these activities. The camp also goes on trips to places like trampolines, laser tag, High Park zoo, movies, and swimming. Campers can gain valuable and memorable experiences through these trips.

Campers take turns mixing the batter!

The camp also values family, as it was with the help of various families throughout the years that the camp was able to become the way it is today. They will often host discussions and activities in relation to the theme of family. To develop a sense of community, firefighters were invited to present to the campers, and the camp has done cleanups around the community as well.

FOY Staff (Johnson Centre) (Left to Right): Sean Brijmohan, Tyler Manu, Lawrence Osei, Jad Abdalnour, and Jean-Pierre Istanbul.


St Andrew Roman Catholic Church

St Andrew Roman Catholic Church
2547 Kipling Ave, Toronto, ON

Monday to Friday

6 years old –  13 years old

Contact Information:
Lorrine Perera

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  1. This sounds truly beautiful, what a wonderful program.

    I hope and pray that it continues to be a huge success!

    Peace, Joy and Hope, Steve De Quintal Teacher, St. Mary’s CSS, 66 Dufferin Park Ave. Toronto, Ontario M6H-1J6. 416-393-5528 ext. 84293 “that they may have life and have it the full.”

    “He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” – Albert Einstein

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