PROFILE: Footsteps to Success (West) Father Henry Carr C.S.S


Footsteps to Success is one of three camps founded by Andre Fullerton and community partners. It is an initiative that is designed to help urban communities progress and become involved with youth.



Getting to know the campers @ Footsteps To Success FHC


Footsteps Camp is for youth ages 10-15 and runs (like most FOY funded programs) for 6 weeks. Footsteps at Father Henry Carr provides programs and activities for the youth of the Rexdale community. Campers have the opportunity to experience Sport, Art, and Leadership activities. As a result, the youth are able to build friendships, leadership skills and have a memorable experience.


Focus on Youth students are mindful of Andre’s positive vision. The students act as positive role models by using their skills and training to lead, supervise and relate to the youth. The leaders also bring forth a positive attitude that encourages a hospitable environment.






FOY Staff Bottom left to top right: Alleluia, Jaime, Judah, Krystal, Alexa, Christabel, Naiomi, Jahaisha, Victoria, Anmal, Nana, Ben, Vanessa, Annabell, Alex, Illia, Isaac, Kofi, Tevin.




Organization: Footsteps to Success

Location: Father Henry Carr – 1760 Martin Grove Road, Etobicoke, ON M9V 3S4

Date: July 6 – August 14

Time: 8:30 – 4:00

Contact Information: 416-222-8282 (Mr. Andre Fullerton)




PROFILE: Recruit Access Youth Sports

The Recruit Access Youth Sports (R.A.Y.S) summer camp is a non-profit organization founded by Jason Weatherup on March of 2007. His goal was to open up an affordable camp for youth and children to keep them off the street. The camp focuses on sports and arts (dancing & acting) for boys and girls ages 4-13 years old.


Getting to know the kids @ St.Francis de Sales.

This program gives participants a chance to interact with children from other communities. It also serves as a vital resource for students and their families as a way of supporting various social, emotional and physical needs through recreational programs. In addition, R.A.Y.S welcomes newcomers to Canada so that they can interact and make new friends while in a fun and safe environment.


All in all, the Recruit Access Youth Sports camp would be a great camp for any kids ages 4-13; especially if they enjoy sports and/or arts. Campers here always create new friendships and unforgettable experiences!




Mackenzie, Abigail, and Rawnie



Organization: Recruit Access Youth Sports

Location: 333 Firgrove Crescent Downsview, ON, M3N 1K9

Ages: 4-13

Dates/Times: July 2 – August 8

Contact Information:

Jason Weatherup

(647) 888-2964


Profile: St Dorothy’s Power to Girls

powertogirlsThe Power to Girls Foundation brings together girls of the community and lead them along their journey of self discovery, self confidence and empowers campers to be their best and brightest selves. Power to Girls’ main focus is to teach young girls their worth in a society that sometimes tell them otherwise.


A fun game of Huckle Buckle, it’s all about the team work!

Everyday at Power to Girls each young girl is reminded that they are smart, strong and able to achieve anything they set their mind to. The power of discussion is significant at Power to Girls as the campers have the chance to vocalize their opinions about what it means to be a girl today, as well as hear the opinions of others.


The campers learn about photography from a guest artist

The campers are able to express themselves artistically through activities like making off the shoulder tops and learning photography from a guest artist! The art based camp also allows the campers to experience poetry, digital media, visual art and more. They also have the opportunity to stretch their minds and bodies by playing sports and other fun games.


Power to Girls believe every camper deserves to be heard and feel valued in order to recognize the significance of their words and actions.  Needless to say, the campers’ experience at Power to Girls will play a positive and significant part in the impactful individuals they will grow to become.


FOY Staff: Alexa D, Adriel M, Anointing A, Lawrenda O and Isabella B



Power to Girls Foundation

155 John Garland Boulevard, Toronto, ON

8-15 years old

July 4 – August 11

9:30am- 4:00pm

Contact Information:


PROFILE: South Etobicoke Youth Assembly


The South Etobicoke Youth Assembly (SEYA) is located at LAMP Community Health Center. It was founded in 2000 by youth in the Lakeshore area who wished to tackle issues that they were facing. There was a lack of recreational and arts programs, and they wanted to bring this to the attention of politicians. Together, they formed SEYA and brought these up these issues at general meetings and they were able to achieve their original goal. Today, SEYA provides free workshops and programs for youth in the community to develop leadership and various other skills.


Campers learn how much is enough!

The summer camp runs for two weeks, one in July and one in August, for youth ages 13-21. The camp runs from 12:00pm-4:30pm, lunch and bus tickets are provided for the campers. The camp is located at Second Street Junior Middle School.


Staff trying out vision impaired glasses

Camp activities include workshops, sports and games. Campers learn to cooperate throughout the various activities and build relationships along the way. There is a field trip at the end of each camp, and the campers receive certificates for their participation.


Campers learning how to save a passed out victim!



FOY STAFF (BOSCO Centre) (From Left to Right): Tiana Sandy, Marina Catena


South Etobicoke Youth Assembly

LAMP Community Health Centre
185 Fifth Street, Etobicoke, ON M8V 2Z5

July 18 to 22, 2016, & August 8-12, 2016

13 years old – 21 years old

Contact Information:
Jasmin Dooh
(416) 252 6471


PROFILE: St Andrew Parish Camp

St Andrew’s Parish Camp focuses on Parish, Family, and Community/Neighbourhood. Founded nine years ago with the help of the parish, St Andrew, the camp flourished into what it is today with the assistance of other community members. It is located at St Andrew Parish Church and runs from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm on Monday to Friday.


Media team greeted by curious camper

To focus on Parish, the camp holds activities and games that explores and introduces the Catholic faith to the children. They play trivia games that help them learn about stories in the Bible. It is a fun and engaging way to help the children learn about their religion.

IMG_6988 copy.jpg

Campers get lessons on how to create charm bracelets

Camp activities include arts and crafts, cooking/baking, games, and sports. The children are able to develop their creativity, leadership, and cooperation skills through these activities. The camp also goes on trips to places like trampolines, laser tag, High Park zoo, movies, and swimming. Campers can gain valuable and memorable experiences through these trips.


Campers take turns mixing the batter!

The camp also values family, as it was with the help of various families throughout the years that the camp was able to become the way it is today. They will often host discussions and activities in relation to the theme of family. To develop a sense of community, firefighters were invited to present to the campers, and the camp has done cleanups around the community as well.


FOY Staff (Johnson Centre) (Left to Right): Sean Brijmohan, Tyler Manu, Lawrence Osei, Jad Abdalnour, and Jean-Pierre Istanbul.


St Andrew Roman Catholic Church

St Andrew Roman Catholic Church
2547 Kipling Ave, Toronto, ON

Monday to Friday

6 years old –  13 years old

Contact Information:
Lorrine Perera

PROFILE: Community MicroSkills Development


MicroSkills - Helping You Build A Better Future

Microskills Youth Services hosts a summer camp that focuses on leadership and the arts, open to youth ages 13-18 years old. Founded in 1985, the program was initially created for women, to teach them skills in technology. Later, it developed into a program that taught newcomers. Ten years ago, it became the program it is now; an arts and leadership camp for youth.


Campers and counsellors come together for a group shot!

The camp is located at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School, and runs from 11am-6pm on a daily basis.


Creating a one take scene

The camp has various activities that focus mainly on arts, such as various forms of film. There are also leadership building activities as well as physical activities such as soccer or capture the flag that keep the youth active and engaged.


Receiving lessons in videography

Through the skills and experience gained from this camp, campers will learn more of Canadian culture and have the necessary skills to enter the workforce in the future.


(Left To Right) FOY Staff: Arianna Bent (BOSCO), Nathaniel Bennett (BOSCO)



Community MicroSkills Development

Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School
2 St Andrews Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9R 1V8

Dates & Times:
Monday to Friday
11:00 am-6:00 pm

13 years old – 18 years old

Contact Information:
Andrae Walsh
416-247-7181 ext. 2606


PROFILE: The Child Experience


The Child Experience is an organization that provides youth in the area an opportunity to participate in the community through fun and interactive ways. The camp provides various activities that keeps the kids engaged and always learning new things.


Campers sitting in a circle waiting for their next game.

This six-week summer program is full of spontaneous events that keep the campers attention. Split off into three groups based on their age range, each group rotates between sports, art, and drama. In each rotation, campers learn new skills and techniques all while making new friends and strengthening those friendships. Everyone learns new leadership skills and no one is left out in each of these activities. After three rotations, they proceed to lunch and move on to bigger activities. Throughout the week, trips are planned for the campers so that they can get more involved within the community!


Huckle buckle… knights on a horse!

Being apart of this camp is being in a big happy family. Everyone is welcoming and always smiling! This camp not only gives the opportunity to have fun, but also to build new friendships and leadership skills as well.

The Child Experience is a great organization that helps out many youth around the community. Campers learn something new everyday all while having lots of fun!


FOY Staff [left to right]: Tyreek Nosworthy (LIB), Selvin Leenus (JCM), Christian Lagasca (JCM), David Nkemitag (JCM), Henry Nunez (JCM), Keshia De Souza (JCM), Cristy Jacob (JCM)


The Child Experience

1685 Finch Ave, Toronto, Ontario
M3J 2G8

June 19th – August 7th

6 years old – 14 years old

Contact Info: