PROFILE: Basketball World Toronto

Basketball World Toronto Logo
Basketball World Toronto Logo

Basketball World Toronto was founded by Michael Reio, an N.C.C.P. trained coach and certified T.A.B.O. basketball official, to provide a higher quality basketball program in Toronto by taking a more authentic and professional approach to the way they develop and manage their programs. Operating since 2006, BWT is now the largest provider of basketball programs and services in Toronto including house leagues, summer camps and representative teams.

BWT Camp Board outlining the values, rules and game challenges
BWT Camp Board outlining the values, rules and game challenges

The Basketball World Toronto summer camp offers boys and girls a high quality basketball setting to learn and develop their skills in the game of basketball. Their goal is to teach and help campers improve on core fundamentals of the sport and the game through camp values and all-around teamwork.

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The summer camp program runs six 1-week sessions from July 6th to August 14th where campers will be trained in all areas of the game including defence, conditioning, footwork, dribbling, ball handling, and shooting. A day at camp consists of daily practice sessions, drills, games, competitions and scrimmages to help each camper with their own skill development. This along with help and encouragement from trained coaches and camp staff, as well as fellow campers, each child is sure to have a memorable, valuable and fun-filled experience!

Focus on Youth Staff at BWT (left to right) Nicholas DeVuono and Anthony Nguyen
Focus on Youth Staff at BWT (left to right) Nicholas DeVuono and Anthony Nguyen


Organization: Basketball World Toronto

Location: 124 Northcliffe Blvd Toronto,ON M6E 3K4

CanadaDates/Times: July 6th – August 14th (six 5-day camp sessions) 9am-3:30pm

Contact Information:

Michael Reio



PROFILE: Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club

Dovercourt Boys and Girls club logo
Dovercourt Boys and Girls club logo

The Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club, a.k.a. “The Club that Beats the Streets”, is a fun-filled program that not only offers kids the chance to get involved during the summer through their amazing summer camps, but also throughout the year with their after school and weekend programming.

First opening their doors to young boys and girls in 1958, the Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club has grown to accommodate   over 100 campers age 4-17 each summer at both their main location and at St. Anthony’s Catholic School across the street. Their facilities at their main location (180 Westmoreland Avenue) includes a pool, activity rooms, plus a playground and soccer field right outside!

Campers showing their love for camp staff in a DOG PILE!

The Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club have been associated with the Focus on Youth program for several years now and employ many Focus on Youth staff every year to help out and ensure the successful running of camp throughout the summer months. “It gives youth the opportunity to gain valuable experience working with kids,” says Mannie D’Elia, Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club program director.

Focus on Youth staff (left to right) – Jordan, Rosemary, Rayon, Gabriel, Kayla, Mikal, Mariana, Shania, Jessica, Ramon, Ramez, Ranee, Lily


Organization: Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club


Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club

180 Westmoreland Ave

Toronto, Ontario

M6H 3A2

St. Anthony Catholic School

130 Shanly Street

Toronto, Ontario

M6H 1L9


9 Weeks

June 29th – August 28th


Contact Info:

Mannie D’Elia – Program Director

(416) 536-4102


PROFILE: Recruit Access Youth Sports


The Recruit Access Youth Sports (R.A.Y.S) summer camp is a non-profit organization founded by Jason Weatherup on March of 2007. His goal was to open up an affordable camp for youth and children to keep them off the street. The camp focuses on sports and arts (dancing & acting) for boys and girls ages 4-13 years old.

The Recruit Access Youth Sports camp does many sports such as basketball, soccer and baseball. Having a full court, soccer field and a baseball field at the camp with a specialized sports trainer; makes the it a great sports camp. On the artistic side, every summer the campers prepare a dramatic arts performance and a music video that is shown at the talent show on the very last day of camp. Friends and family members of the campers come to enjoy the wonderful show the camp puts together.

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All in all, the Recruit Access Youth Sports camp would be a great camp for any kids ages 4-13; especially if they enjoy sports and/or arts. Campers here always create new friendships and unforgettable experiences!

Focus On Youth Staff
Focus On Youth Staff (left to right): Katrina, Tyra, Ricky


Organization: Recruit Access Youth Sports

Location: 1865 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto, Ontario, M3L 1Y5.

Ages: 4-13

Dates/Times: July 2 to August 8, 2015…. 8:30-3:00 with flexible hours

Contact Information:

Jason Weatherup

(647) 888-2964

PROFILE: Centre for Spanish Speaking People

download (1)     The Centre for Spanish Speaking People organization is a camp for kids from 7 to 13 years. The camp’s mission is “to respond to the various needs of the Spanish speaking community, particularly newcomers”. The campers’ high level of energy  along with the friendly staff create an amazing atmosphere for these kids to spend their summer.

Campers lining up to go to the castle in High Park
Campers lining up to go to the castle in High Park

With the endless activities this camp has, there is never a dull moment! The campers remain active with outdoor/indoor games such as: volleyball, dodgeball, basketball and soccer. Along with these activities, but they also go on weekly trips where the campers get to experience new things and explore a different environment.

The campers ride on the train to tour High Park
The campers ride on the train to tour High Park

They also offer arts and crafts where they can develop their creativity and imagination. They learn how to paint, draw, sing, dance and perform. The staff make sure that every single camper is able to express their unique, encouraging their growth and talents. Ultimately, they make sure that the kids have an amazing summer!

FOY Staff:
FOY Staff: (TOP: from left to right) Celina, Jessica, Gieselle, Czarina, (BOTTOM) Princess, Zachary



Centre for Spanish Speaking People


St. Martha Catholic School

1865 Sheppard Ave. W

Toronto, ON


July 6th – August 14th

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Contact information:

Provvidenza Dearcangelis

(647) 966-8040


PROFILE: Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Club

Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs
Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs

Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs is a camp that has been running since 1921. The camp’s dedication for helping enhance the lives of children and youth from 1921 until now is amazing. Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs offers 4 different camps depending on the age group. The first camp is Camp Stars for children ages 6-10 years old. The second camp is a sports camp for children ages 8-12 years old. The third camp is Cap Reframe for children 11-13 years old and the final camp is an Leaders In Training Camp (L.I.T.) for ages 14+. Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs offers a range of activities and one major trip every week.

Campers working together to help the blindfolded team mate draw a picture. Communication is key in order to successfully complete the drawing.

This six-week program runs from June 29th – August 7th from 9am to 3:30pm, giving campers a whole fun-filled day of camp activities which are focused around literacy and learning, cooking and nutrition, physical activity, creative arts and personal development. Since 1921 Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs has helped over 50,000 inner-city children and youth reach their full-potential.

Focus On Youth Staff (Tamara) putting on sun screen for the campers.

Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs provides service to 525 children and youth on a daily basis and serve over 2,650 nutritious meals. Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs create innovative programs that address and meet the changing needs of the communities that they serve.

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Focus On Youth staff: [From left to right] Tamara Mohanavathanan & Azali Charles
Focus On Youth staff: [From left to right] Tamara Mohanavathanan & Azali Charles


Organization: Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs

Location: 20 Portugal Square, Toronto, ON M6J 3P2, Canada

Dates and Hours: July 6 – August 28

Age: 6-14+

Contact Info: Louise Ross

(416)-925-2243 ext 24


PROFILE: Urban Arts


Supported by the Ontario Arts Council and The Ontario Trillium Foundation, Urban Arts was founded in the early 2000’s by a group of people who loved art, drama, and performing in the Weston-Mount Dennis community. Their goal was to engage the youth about the importance of arts, and expressing themselves as a person. As their motto says, they strive to make a difference by “Engaging youth through the arts.”

Media Team member Sebastian showing magic tricks to the campers!
Media Team member Sebastian showing magic tricks to the campers!

The Urban Arts is a non-for-profit organization that offers many different programs such as music, dance, singing, cooking, visual arts, and leadership. Throughout the years, this organization has accommodated about 400 campers in their program!

The girls taking a picture while their karaoke is being set up
The girls taking a picture while their karaoke is being set up
Kimberly at the Urban Arts studio

The camp provides six weeks of summer programming that serves more than 60 youth from 8 to 29 years old. Their purpose is to promote, engage, and facilitate cultural and community development opportunities between artists, arts organizations and community members.

Campers baking cookies with Reggie
Camper helping to mix in the ingredients

If you love the arts as much as these kids do, Urban Arts is the place to be!

FOY STAF: (From left to right) Reggie, Kyle, Shameika, Andy, Brianna, Kimberly



Urban Arts


St. Bernard Catholic School

12 Duckworth St.

Toronto, ON


July 6th – August 14th

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Contact information:

Marlene McKintosh

(416) 241-5124


PROFILE: Triple Balance Community Services



Campers getting ready to play Superhero

Triple Balance Community Services has been part of the TCDSB’s Focus on Youth program for 3 years. Their summer camp’s mission is to provide an affordable, fun and fulfilling program to connect families and youth to recreational activities.

3 balance dodge
Triple Balance campers dodging balls like pros while playing Duck Hunters

The summer camp program is designed for recreational purposes such as arts, sports and leadership activities. Their week’s schedule also include group excursions to educational and fun sites such as the Ripley’s Aquarium and the Ontario Science Centre.

Young artists creating masterpieces with Perler Beads

With the help of Focus on Youth’s staff, Triple Balance’s summer camp has helped expand its program to more participants, providing a safe setting for youth helping students enjoy their summers.

Triple Balance Staff
Focus on Youth staff: Zackery Peroune, Julian Marincola, Miranda Abis, Caseyann Goore


Organization: Triple Balance Community Services

Location: 20 Starview Lane
North York, ON, M9M 3B2

Dates/Times: July 2 – August 8, Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM

Also follow them on Facebook at:

Contact Info: Bryan Cando
Tel: (416)-319-5154


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Special Event: Celebration of Success 2013

Celebration of Success 2013

The University of Toronto’s Hart House


After a long six weeks, Focus on Youth’s 2013 summer program came to an end. To mark the occasion, staff and counselors were invited to a special Celebration of Success at the University of Toronto’s Hart House.



Christina Martin and Stefan Brum, the evening’s hosts

Stefan Brum and Christina Martin served as the evening’s MCs, keeping things light. The counselors listened to speeches from their peers, and staff like Angela Gauthier, Director of Education. The audience was also treated to a first look at the special promotional videos created by the Media Team. After a series of student performances, the guests were treated to a delicious buffet lunch, courtesy of Hart House.



The performances get the guests up and moving
One of the Media Team’s videos
The Media Team leads the crowd in the Wavin’ Flag dance


After lunch, the main speakers of the evening took the stage. First, teacher Peter Ranson spoke about how he got involved in Focus on Youth, and what it meant to him. Then, Shawn Burgess of the St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club talked about working with the Focus on Youth Student Counselors, and how it was an excellent experience. Finally, Orlando Bowen, Executive Director of the One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization, took the stage to tell a spellbound audience about his experiences with overcoming adversity, and becoming a better person because of it.

Peter Ranson
Shawn Burgess
Orlando Bowen

Afterwards, guests were treated to a special slide and video show by the Media Team, documenting their long journey throughout the program, before Program Coordinator Andre Fullerton came up to thank the staff and counselor, and give special mention to fellow coordinators and all-around problem solvers Janelle Curtis and Ashisha Persaud.

Janelle Curtis and Ashisia Persaud get special recognition from Andre Fullerton

With the ceremonies concluded, guests were invited out onto the patio to dance, grab some cake, take some fancy (or silly) photos at the Media Team’s photo booth, and get some info on their upcoming post-secondary education from booths set up by local universities.

Keenon Peterson and Jaeson Villanueva run the photo booth
The media team hard at work
Mingling on the patio
The photo booth


Students consider their future


A guide to the celebration can be found here:

Celebration Program (2)

Special Event: Caribana Launch

IMG_0971 IMG_0981 IMG_0976 IMG_1003 IMG_0990 IMG_0967 IMG_0985 DSCN0318

This year marked the 46th annual Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival in Toronto, formerly know as Caribana. The kick-off event was hosted by the Toronto Police Services on Thursday, July 25th. The Service has had a float in the parade since 1991, and this year the theme was “Diversity in Motion.” Hundreds of campers from the Footsteps to Success program attended this event. It began with a live steel pan performance of songs like Bruno Mars’s “Just the Way You Are,” and Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” to which everyone in the room sang along to. There was also a  performance by a Juno award winning artist, and notable speakers such as:  Chief William Blair took the stage. After the speakers, women in gorgeous colourful, costumes adorned with feathers and face paint walked down the main stairs in the lobby and got everyone up on their feet – including Chief Blair and the other policemen! The campers then headed outside to continue the festivities. The rest of the day was filled with lots of music, singing, dancing, and authentic Caribbean food! Campers climbed onto the float as the ribbon was cut, signifying the official opening of Caribana.  In addition, the radio station 98.7 FM set up a tent with a DJ playing music that had everyone dancing. Overall the event was a huge success, enjoyed by many.

Profile: Recognize For Real

Recognize for Real is a youth organization that was founded in 2005. The program runs for 6 weeks and takes place at Monsignor Fraser and serves the surrounding community that is classified as a high-risk neighborhood.



The program focuses on making positive strides in the community  through leadership and sport initiatives, as well as encouraging participants and staff to become “REAL” (Respect Everyone and Life) individuals. The programs seek to provide youth with an enjoyable experience, positive role models and a foundation of life skills that will be beneficial in overcoming any challenge.


The Focus on Youth staff act as  mentors who are able to relate to the youth, as well as bringing positive influences and leadership. The students are from within the community, and take pride in knowing that they can guide the kids down the right path.



Organization: Recognize for Real (Monsignor Fraser, 45 Norfinch Ave.)

Dates/Times: July 2nd to August 9th

Contact Info:, 647-8237325

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