PROFILE: Centre for Spanish Speaking People

download (1)     The Centre for Spanish Speaking People organization is a camp for kids from 7 to 13 years. The camp’s mission is “to respond to the various needs of the Spanish speaking community, particularly newcomers”. The campers’ high level of energy  along with the friendly staff create an amazing atmosphere for these kids to spend their summer.

Campers lining up to go to the castle in High Park

Campers lining up to go to the castle in High Park

With the endless activities this camp has, there is never a dull moment! The campers remain active with outdoor/indoor games such as: volleyball, dodgeball, basketball and soccer. Along with these activities, but they also go on weekly trips where the campers get to experience new things and explore a different environment.

The campers ride on the train to tour High Park

The campers ride on the train to tour High Park

They also offer arts and crafts where they can develop their creativity and imagination. They learn how to paint, draw, sing, dance and perform. The staff make sure that every single camper is able to express their unique, encouraging their growth and talents. Ultimately, they make sure that the kids have an amazing summer!

FOY Staff:

FOY Staff: (TOP: from left to right) Celina, Jessica, Gieselle, Czarina, (BOTTOM) Princess, Zachary



Centre for Spanish Speaking People


St. Martha Catholic School

1865 Sheppard Ave. W

Toronto, ON


July 6th – August 14th

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Contact information:

Provvidenza Dearcangelis

(647) 966-8040



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  1. WOW!
    The video was great, it also captured the essence of the camp environment very nicely.
    Always a pleasure working with FOCUS ON YOUTH (:


    Provvidenza DeArcangelis
    Camp supervisor

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