PROFILE: Recruit Access Youth Sports


The Recruit Access Youth Sports (R.A.Y.S) summer camp is a non-profit organization founded by Jason Weatherup on March of 2007. His goal was to open up an affordable camp for youth and children to keep them off the street. The camp focuses on sports and arts (dancing & acting) for boys and girls ages 4-13 years old.

The Recruit Access Youth Sports camp does many sports such as basketball, soccer and baseball. Having a full court, soccer field and a baseball field at the camp with a specialized sports trainer; makes the it a great sports camp. On the artistic side, every summer the campers prepare a dramatic arts performance and a music video that is shown at the talent show on the very last day of camp. Friends and family members of the campers come to enjoy the wonderful show the camp puts together.

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All in all, the Recruit Access Youth Sports camp would be a great camp for any kids ages 4-13; especially if they enjoy sports and/or arts. Campers here always create new friendships and unforgettable experiences!

Focus On Youth Staff
Focus On Youth Staff (left to right): Katrina, Tyra, Ricky


Organization: Recruit Access Youth Sports

Location: 1865 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto, Ontario, M3L 1Y5.

Ages: 4-13

Dates/Times: July 2 to August 8, 2015…. 8:30-3:00 with flexible hours

Contact Information:

Jason Weatherup

(647) 888-2964

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