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Fathers making a difference

Campers and their Camp Counselor, Fiona, play some card games before they go to Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Fathers Making A Difference focuses on encouraging, motivating, educating, and strengthening men to become empowered fathers, and to take on an active role in the lives of their children, as well as increasing community awareness on the importance of having a father in a child’s life.


Camp T.R.E.E. Program (Teach, Respect, Educate and Empower) has been created and designed to provide children ages 7-13 with a structured, caring, and enhanced learning environment for six weeks throughout the summer months. With this program, campers get a chance to learn games, meet new people, and have a healthy and active summer.

Fiona distributes the watermelon to the campers to freshen up after the long ride while waiting for the pizza lunch!

The T.R.E.E. Program not only enhances the skills of  young children, but also promotes skills enhancement and development in our growing youth. The Fathers Making a Difference Board of Directors and staff ensure that the programs offered are run and operated by professionals in a proper manner, to guarantee that each participant is taught the values of self-esteem, respect for others, and has an understanding of the critical worth and impact a family unit plays on an individual.

And the Scavenger Hunt begins!

High school students are provided with summer employment opportunities, allowing them to gain employable skills, and complete required community hours. By engaging in activities that develop and increase a child’s self-esteem, and enhance their perspective on life, Fathers Making A Difference promotes success in your child’s overall development.







Fiona Antwi, a Focus On Youth Camp Counselor


Organization: Fathers Making a Difference

Locations: St. Rose Of Lima

Ages: 7-13


Contact Info: Gary Browne 416-907-8612

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