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Tropicana Summer 2013 Imaginarium Summer Camp at St. Barnabas Catholic School

The Tropicana Community Services is a Toronto-based organization providing youth, newcomers, people of Black and Caribbean heritage, and others in need with options and direction towards a positive life. It was founded in 1980 as a non-profit organization to serve those in disadvantaged youth and families. Today, they are a growing-service delivery agency with programs  to help those in need. They are the first organization from the Black and Caribbean community to become a United Way member-agency. Their mission is to reach out to people, using programs like child care, and employment services.

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Another goal of Tropicana Community Services is for the kids at their camps to have fun, make friends, create lasting memories, become role models for the future, and further develop their social skills. They serve anywhere from the West end to Mid-Scarborough, Ajax and Whitby. They are also proud partners with many other organizations, including the Toronto District School Board, the City of Toronto, and the Toronto Police services.

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Kids playing Captain’s Ship


The Tropicana Community Services want youth to believe it is possible to expand their dreams and attain their goals, and that anything is possible with focus and determination. For the past 29 years they are proud of their accomplishments, and now they want you to join them in fulfilling their goal of working together to to help each other.



Focus On Youth Staff Shanice and Sasha Allen


Organization: Tropicana Community Services

Location(s): 1385 Huntingwood Dr.

Ages: Youth

Dates/Times: 6 weeks in the summer


Contact Info:

Telephone: (416) 439-9009

Notes: To apply or for more information, go to their website.

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