Special Event: Sunnybrook Camp Day


The sky was bright and clear, and the weather was just a bit chilly as students from Blessed Mother Teresa and Father Henry Carr’s Footsteps summer camp arrived at Sunnybrook Park to enjoy  their official Camp Day on July 24th.

Members of the Focus on Youth team on hand to greet the campers



The event was organized by Mike Consul, and Andre Fullerton, and run by the Focus on Youth Media Team. The day saw the students participate in a number of outdoor sport and teamwork-building games. After disembarking, the students were split into teams, and rotated between stations run by a member of the Media Team. Each station was given two teams, who went head-to-head in games that tested their sporting abilities (Bring Home The Bacon, Ultimate Frisbee), or their teamwork (Pyramids, Three-Legged Race).

Campers make a mad dash for the prized pool noodle in Bring Home the Bacon


Teamwork is necessary to beat the Three-Legged Race
Students putting their heads together (sometimes literally) for Pyramids

DSC_1368 DSC_1383

After a delicious barbecue lunch of burgers and hot dogs the students and staff gathered together for a group photo, and then went on their way home, tired but satisfied.

Teachers help haul the grill up to the cooking area


The staff and campers all together
The staff and campers all together

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