Profile: Dmitrik Sports (Hoop House)


The group of athletes!

The Dmitrik Sports Camp was founded by Michael Dmitrik five years ago. With an average of 15 participants per week, ages 10-14 years old, this camp promotes physical activity primarily by playing  basketball all day, every day. The camp is open for players of all skill levels.


Michael showing off his skills!

The camp runs from 9am to 4pm. The morning begins with a game for the entire camp to warm up, like dodge-ball or freeze tag. Participants then have strength and endurance exercises, then stretches, and a game before lunch. After lunch, they separate into groups according to skill level. and have stations to teach various basketball concepts. Throughout the camp they have events like dunk contests, drills, and scrimmages.


Doing some drills

Focus on Youth has been working with the camp for the past four years. The leaders help with setting up, leading the stretches, and they run the skill stations. The goal of the camp is twofold, as mainly it is to advance sport for children and make it accessible to youth, irrespective of their financial circumstances, but also to have children build positive friendships among their peers and staff.





What a shot!






Focus on Youth staff


Organization: Dmitrik Sports (Hoop House)

Location: Madonna Catholic Secondary School (20 Dubray Ave)

Ages: 7 – 16

Date/Time: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Contact info:

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