Profile: Saint Christopher’s House


The Saint Christopher’s House camp at Senhor Santo Cristo Catholic Elementary School is a great place for kids to spend the day and have fun. With small classrooms like these, it is easy for the organization to give the kids all the attention they need. The kids are split into groups, where they play games for their age group. They can even bring their own games or handhelds from home to play. With all sorts of events and special days (like pizza lunch), these kids are always excited and ready for the next day.


The Saint Christopher’s House camp runs for eight weeks in the summer, and through the year with an after school program.


The kids are always excited for trips, such as their upcoming one to Jays camp day. They have already enjoyed their trips to Wild Water Kingdom, Center Island, and the ROM.


The Focus On Youth leaders are a great help, because they give the children more attention than regular employees alone can. It is a great help for the kids to have leaders who are closer in age to them than the adults.DSCN0302




Organization: Saint Christopher’s House

Location(s): Senhor Santo Cristo Catholic Elementary School, 30 Humbert Street

Ages: All ages

Dates/Times: 8 weeks in the summer


Contact Info:

Telephone: (416) 532 4828

Notes: Go to their website for more information.

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