Profile: Custodial Position (Chaminade College School)

Kingsley organizing a custodial storage room

Kingsley Bonsu works with Focus on Youth this summer as a custodian at Chaminade College School. His daily routine consists of cleaning litter on the school’s property, move around furniture for the upcoming school year, and maintain the building for all summer camp and summer school programs.

Kingsley wiping down the display case for students to see Chaminade’s trophies

Kingsley stated his favourite part of his job is having the opportunity to experience life in the workplace so that he is able to learn from his mistakes in the future. Working as a Focus on Youth employee helps build on his leadership skills and practice.

Kingsley moving desks and chairs for classrooms to be waxed and cleaned

From working as a custodian, Kingsley was enthusiastic to share that he has learned many lessons from his supervisors and his time in the workplace. He is now proud to say his time management skills, ability to multitask and organization skills are all progressing.



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