PROFILE: Building Motivational Dreams Basketball Camp (Chaminade)

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Building Motivational Dreams in partnership with Grassroots Canada

“Our camp gives youth who are passionate about basketball, a chance to do what they love during the summer instead of staying on the streets. Our goal is very similar to Andre Fullerton’s – we give youth the opportunity to train themselves ahead of time for a better future” – Brittany Miller (Founder of Building Motivational Dreams)



The Building Motivational Dreams basketball camp was founded two years ago by Brittney Miller –  a woman motivated to act as catalyst for change in the priority neighbourhoods of Toronto.

"When I play ball, everything else is a blur" - Camper
“When I play ball, everything else is a blur” – Camper
Getting prepped through activities by the FOY mentors
Getting prepped through activities by the FOY mentors

Each day, campers get active with warm-ups, drills, and competitive basketball games. They also get to hear daily from different motivational speakers who visit the camp to speak about both basketball and growing up in a high-risk neighbourhood.

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Brittany Miller, the organization’s founder, enjoys being a part of the FOY program.

“Our organization decided to join Focus on Youth because it gives youth a chance to act as leaders and role-models to their peers and also gain independence by learning to take care of their own finances,” said Miller. “I love Focus on Youth”

FOY Staff: Blank, Francine, Princess, Quan
FOY Staff: Mikayla, Francyne, Princess, Quan


Organization: Building Motivational Dreams (BMD) Basketball Camp

Chaminade College School

490 Queens Drive

Toronto, ON, CA


July 2nd – August 6th (9:30AM – 4:30PM)

Contact information

Brittany Miller (Organization Founder/Supervisor)

Phone: 416-554-8207

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