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Tropicana’s mission “Tropicana Community Services, a Toronto-based multi-service organization, provides all youth, newcomers, people of Black and Caribbean heritage and others in need with opportunities and alternatives that lead to success and positive life choices.  They achieve this through culturally appropriate programs such as counseling, child care, educational and employment services, and youth development.”


The campers start each morning with different activities. They are sitting and listening to instructions for their morning activities.

Tropicana joined Focus On Youth because of the well trained staff they get and the positive impact that staff make on the camp. During the months of July and August, Camp Tropicana is committed to providing a summer camp that is meaningful, educational, stimulating and full of FUN! FUN! FUN! All age groups are involved in camp activities at varying levels. Camp Tropicana endeavors to stimulate and motivate campers while supporting them in their personal growth.

One of the groups engaging in a game to stimulate the mind

Tropicana was founded by Robert Brown 34 years ago to assist with the transition for those emigrating from the Caribbean. take “tropi-” from Tropical and “-cana” from Canada, and an easily recognizable name is created.

Staff play a fun game.
FOY Staff get involved in a fun game of Huckle Buckle.

A typical day at Camp Tropicana starts off with a game lead by Focus on Youth Staff. Then, campers head to age-specific classrooms. They will play games with the staff in their classrooms, learn lessons, and have meals with their counselors. In the afternoon, campers participate in various activities such as swimming, low-organized games, or other sports. Often, Kaleidoscope, a group that teaches the kids various skills in relation to Caribbean culture such as dancing, singing, and drumming, will partner with Tropicana to deliver their program.

Camp culminates with a showcase event for parents, with campers taking from all aspects of the camp to demonstrate what they have learned and experienced.

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Organization: Tropicana Community Services


St. Barnabas Catholic Elementary School

30 Washburn Way

Scarborough, Ontario

M1B 1H3

Ages: 5 – 14

Dates / Times:

6 weeks


9:00 am – 4:30 pm


Contact Info:

Bernadette Hood

416 439 9009

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