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“The ROM relies on its people to fulfill its mission and vision. Employees and volunteers are responsible for every aspect of operation, management, and governance. These individuals fulfill diverse and complementary roles in acquiring, preserving and interpreting the collections. Many dedicate their time and their own personal resources to supplement Museum funds. Their valuable contributions shape the growth and continued success of the Museum” – Excerpt from ROM Website 

This year, a few Focus on Youth leaders were given the once-in-a-life-time opportunity to spend their summer months working at the Royal Ontario Museum.

ROM Staff & Supervisor, Alexandra Cooper
ROM Staff & Supervisor, Alexandra Cooper

When asked their reason for teaming up with Focus on Youth, Alexandra Cooper (organization supervisor) responded by saying,  “…we partnered up with FOY because we love having enthusiastic staff at the Museum in the front house learning customer service, cash handling skills and escalating conflict. We found that the students in Focus on Youth last year were exemplary and it’s our pleasure to have them again this year at the Royal Ontario Museum. We hope to continue this arrangement in years to come. The students this year are doing a great job and to top it all, lot of them have become more confident. I hope they will be able to use the skills we have given them here in their future endeavours”. 


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The Focus on Youth Staff at the ROM are able to form strong work habits like organization, social etiquette, staying on task and responsibility. Some of their duties include assisting customers and visitors, handing out brochures, administration work and running errands to guarantee a smooth day at the Royal Ontario Museum.

With the thought of the conclusion of their work placement, the Focus on Youth representatives wished to have more time added to their experience at the ROM; “we love it here, you have no idea how much we look forward to work each day. I don’t even want to leave!” – Angel (FOY/ROM Staff)


FOY Staff: Matthew, Angel, ______, ______ & Nick
FOY Staff: Matthew, Glyn, Wanessa, Angel & Nick

Interested in gaining an amazing work experience next year at the ROM? If so, then apply to Focus on Youth and have a fulfilling summer ahead of you!



Organization: The Royal Ontario Museum


100 Queen’s Park

Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C6

Dates/Times: 9:30PM – 5:30PM


Contact Info:

Alexandra Cooper

Telephone: (416) 586-5510


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