Focus On Youth 2015: Training Days

Place caption here  Focus On Youth provides two days of training for student employees to be able to deal with any situation they might possibly encounter during the summer. The training provided will not only be for the safety of the employees but the campers as well. The goal is to have a fun and safe summer!

Training Day 1: June 29th 2015

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (W.H.M.I.S training)

W.H.M.I.S training educates workers on how to safely use hazardous materials

First Aid Training

Chris Drummond explaining first aid and the different ways to deal with possible injuries they may encounter. Chris Drummond opened up a first aid kit and showed the different items in the kit and how to use each one.

Chris Drummond teaching Focus On Youth employees how to quickly notice and react to someone in discomfort.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR training)

C.P.R educates employees in case of a life-threatening emergency. This training teaches our staff on how to properly give chest compressions.

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End of Day 1:

Andre Fullerton reminds everyone to rest up and be prepared for training day 2 the very next day.

Andre Fullerton ends off training day 1 with a speech about the importance and seriousness of training.
Andre Fullerton ends off training day 1 with a speech about the importance of training.

Training Day 2: June 30th 2015

Focus On Youth 101:

Focus On Youth 101 workshops emphasizes the important aspects of being a leader. By providing our mentors with games, activities and do-it-yourself guides, they now have the skills needed in order to be a good mentor and friend for their kids.

Training Days are completed:

Focus On Youth employees are now fully trained and ready to go out into their placements where they would not only work, but also gain experience, make memories and build relationships.

Contact: Andre Fullerton
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