Media Team: High Park

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
– Plato
As we begin our journey as the Media Team of 2015, we got to know each other as well as learn team building skills under the guidance of Michael Consul. By playing these games and going through new adventures, we were able to learn about our own strengths and working on our weaknesses. First lesson of the day: Fishing.

We started off our training day with a few jokes to get everyone smiling and laughing. Mike then taught us the basics on how to use a fishing rod. We practiced on our own for a few minutes and then went into a competition on who could get the bait closest to the target. We all tried our best, but Karen was the closest!

After competing against one another, we had the opportunity to try it out for real! Fishing truly teaches us that patience is a virtue.

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After fishing, we then made our way to the park. A few members of the team had their try at the sword in the stone, to see who was worthy. We then played a game of hide and seek, winner gets free ice cream from Mike!

After all the fun in the park, we went to an open field and played a few games. We tried out these games with each other as we will prepare for the Footsteps to Success Camp’s annual Camp Day. The competition between the two teams were intense. The energy and enthusiasm levels were so high that the heat didn’t even phase us.

Sebastian then showed us a few cool magic tricks and we officially called it a day.


Chase and Kevin look so interested to see what Sebastian will do next

Focus On Youth 2015: Training Days

Place caption here  Focus On Youth provides two days of training for student employees to be able to deal with any situation they might possibly encounter during the summer. The training provided will not only be for the safety of the employees but the campers as well. The goal is to have a fun and safe summer!

Training Day 1: June 29th 2015

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (W.H.M.I.S training)

W.H.M.I.S training educates workers on how to safely use hazardous materials

First Aid Training

Chris Drummond explaining first aid and the different ways to deal with possible injuries they may encounter. Chris Drummond opened up a first aid kit and showed the different items in the kit and how to use each one.

Chris Drummond teaching Focus On Youth employees how to quickly notice and react to someone in discomfort.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR training)

C.P.R educates employees in case of a life-threatening emergency. This training teaches our staff on how to properly give chest compressions.

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End of Day 1:

Andre Fullerton reminds everyone to rest up and be prepared for training day 2 the very next day.

Andre Fullerton ends off training day 1 with a speech about the importance and seriousness of training.

Andre Fullerton ends off training day 1 with a speech about the importance of training.

Training Day 2: June 30th 2015

Focus On Youth 101:

Focus On Youth 101 workshops emphasizes the important aspects of being a leader. By providing our mentors with games, activities and do-it-yourself guides, they now have the skills needed in order to be a good mentor and friend for their kids.

Training Days are completed:

Focus On Youth employees are now fully trained and ready to go out into their placements where they would not only work, but also gain experience, make memories and build relationships.

Contact: Andre Fullerton
Check out the new Focus on Youth Website here:

PROFILE: Camp Olympia Leadership Training Weekend


Out of 863 students who applied for Focus On Youth, 261 remarkable students were hired to participate in the Focus On Youth (FOY) Program. Participating in FOY required the students to attend a leadership training weekend in order to prepare them for their respective jobs (as a camp counsellor, custodian, in administration or in media). On June 6th, successful Focus on Youth applicants from different parts of Toronto arrived at Camp Olympia, a leadership/sports camp. They were trained by the FOY coordinators and teachers until June 8th .


FOY employees getting ready for lunch.


FOY employees cheering

Since there was an overwhelming number of participants, they were divided by their school or centres, with 12 centers in total. Throughout the weekend, the students participated in a rotation of five different workshops. Each workshop’s goal was to sharpen their leadership skills and to build character as individuals. The workshops were:

Anger Management: To sharpen participants’ patience and understanding.


FOY employees doing some exercises (Anger Management)


FOY employees doing some exercises (Anger Management)

Games: They are given a booklet filled with different games. They must choose one and clearly explain/demonstrate it to their fellow participants. They also have to run the game.

Basketball game

FOY employees playing a basketball game

Equity: To educate the participants about the different kinds of oppression people face.


FOY employees having an outdoor activity (Equity)


Communication: This teaches the participants to speak less and listen more—a critical skill when dealing with campers.



FOY employees attentively listens (Communication)

Coaching: Similar to the Games workshop, in which they have to pick a sport and they have to explain it clearly.


FOY employees explaining the game of volleyball (Coaching)

Arts and Crafts: To give employees ideas of different activities they can offer to campers

Arts and Crafts

FOY employees playing around with paint (Arts and Crafts)

Arts and Crafts

FOY employees having fun with all the art supplies (Arts and Crafts)


There was also the Positive Discipline workshop, which helped the employees learn how to resolve difficult situations and to deal with misbehaviour. Mike Consul and Greg Rogers also led a 7 Habits Workshop.


Greg Rogers during the 7 habits workshop


A talent show was held to conclude the training weekend. A huge number of students participated in the show! The night was filled with enthusiasm and cheering.


A team of FOY employees performing their cheer


Some of the FOY employees waiting for the show to start


Another Cheer performance by a group of FOY employees

Furthermore, Mike Consul asked the Media Team to lead the FOY participants throughout the weekend. The Media Team is a small group of FOY participants that document and record the highlights of the training weekend.


FOY Media Team 2014

The Media Team was also responsible for the directing the two music videos and a slideshow shown in the end. They managed to finish filming and editing in just two days.




Everyone returned to Toronto with a burning passion to share their leadership skills!


FOY coordinator, Andre Fullerton!

EVENT: Fundraising BBQ

BBQ Poster

BBQ Poster

Charles E. Webster held a BBQ/Fundraising event to bring the community together. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Lawrence Heights, Weston-Mount Dennis, St.Alban’s Boys and Girls Club and Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club attended were all in attendance.

Children, youth, parents and staff joined this event and it was a day filled with fun. The event started with the children coming into the gym and watching a talent show, which included, dancing and singing. Members of the community practiced hard to perform their talents.

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There were also competitive games such as a watermelon eating contest and balloon toss. The event brought the community together through music, talent and culture.

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FOY Staff, Michael and Jennalyn posing with Shawn Burgess

FOY Staff, Michael and Jennalyn posing with Shawn Burgess

FOY Staff

FOY Staff




St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Clubs of Lawrence Hights

Boys and Girls Clubs of Weston-Mount Dennis

Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club


Charles E. Webster Junior Public School

1900 Keele Street

Toronto, Ontario

M6M 3X7


EVENT: Footsteps to Success — Bowling

footsteps to success

bowling balls

One of the FOY staff getting ready for her turn

On July 30th, 2014, Footsteps to Success: Blessed Mother Teresa went to Kennedy Bowl for their annual bowling trip.

Getting ready to bowl

Campers getting ready to bowl!

That talent!

A talented camper drew Mark Bryce!


One of the FOY staff teaching a camper the proper position to bowl

Campers enjoyed their time bowling and had the opportunity to bond with Focus On Youth staff in a more relaxed environment. Exclamations of wanting to come back could be heard throughout the day!

Andre and Janelle

FOY coordinators, Andre Fullerton and Janelle Curtis came bowling with the camp.

Let it be a spare

A camper hoping for spare!



Camper getting ready to bowl!

PROFILE: The Royal Ontario Museum

ROM old logo

Visit the ROM website

“The ROM relies on its people to fulfill its mission and vision. Employees and volunteers are responsible for every aspect of operation, management, and governance. These individuals fulfill diverse and complementary roles in acquiring, preserving and interpreting the collections. Many dedicate their time and their own personal resources to supplement Museum funds. Their valuable contributions shape the growth and continued success of the Museum” – Excerpt from ROM Website 

This year, a few Focus on Youth leaders were given the once-in-a-life-time opportunity to spend their summer months working at the Royal Ontario Museum.

ROM Staff & Supervisor, Alexandra Cooper

ROM Staff & Supervisor, Alexandra Cooper

When asked their reason for teaming up with Focus on Youth, Alexandra Cooper (organization supervisor) responded by saying,  “…we partnered up with FOY because we love having enthusiastic staff at the Museum in the front house learning customer service, cash handling skills and escalating conflict. We found that the students in Focus on Youth last year were exemplary and it’s our pleasure to have them again this year at the Royal Ontario Museum. We hope to continue this arrangement in years to come. The students this year are doing a great job and to top it all, lot of them have become more confident. I hope they will be able to use the skills we have given them here in their future endeavours”. 


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The Focus on Youth Staff at the ROM are able to form strong work habits like organization, social etiquette, staying on task and responsibility. Some of their duties include assisting customers and visitors, handing out brochures, administration work and running errands to guarantee a smooth day at the Royal Ontario Museum.

With the thought of the conclusion of their work placement, the Focus on Youth representatives wished to have more time added to their experience at the ROM; “we love it here, you have no idea how much we look forward to work each day. I don’t even want to leave!” – Angel (FOY/ROM Staff)


FOY Staff: Matthew, Angel, ______, ______ & Nick

FOY Staff: Matthew, Glyn, Wanessa, Angel & Nick

Interested in gaining an amazing work experience next year at the ROM? If so, then apply to Focus on Youth and have a fulfilling summer ahead of you!



Organization: The Royal Ontario Museum


100 Queen’s Park

Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C6

Dates/Times: 9:30PM – 5:30PM


Contact Info:

Alexandra Cooper

Telephone: (416) 586-5510


Special Event: Celebration of Success 2013

Celebration of Success 2013


The University of Toronto’s Hart House


After a long six weeks, Focus on Youth’s 2013 summer program came to an end. To mark the occasion, staff and counselors were invited to a special Celebration of Success at the University of Toronto’s Hart House.




Christina Martin and Stefan Brum, the evening’s hosts

Stefan Brum and Christina Martin served as the evening’s MCs, keeping things light. The counselors listened to speeches from their peers, and staff like Angela Gauthier, Director of Education. The audience was also treated to a first look at the special promotional videos created by the Media Team. After a series of student performances, the guests were treated to a delicious buffet lunch, courtesy of Hart House.




The performances get the guests up and moving


One of the Media Team’s videos


The Media Team leads the crowd in the Wavin’ Flag dance


After lunch, the main speakers of the evening took the stage. First, teacher Peter Ranson spoke about how he got involved in Focus on Youth, and what it meant to him. Then, Shawn Burgess of the St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club talked about working with the Focus on Youth Student Counselors, and how it was an excellent experience. Finally, Orlando Bowen, Executive Director of the One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization, took the stage to tell a spellbound audience about his experiences with overcoming adversity, and becoming a better person because of it.


Peter Ranson


Shawn Burgess


Orlando Bowen

Afterwards, guests were treated to a special slide and video show by the Media Team, documenting their long journey throughout the program, before Program Coordinator Andre Fullerton came up to thank the staff and counselor, and give special mention to fellow coordinators and all-around problem solvers Janelle Curtis and Ashisha Persaud.


Janelle Curtis and Ashisia Persaud get special recognition from Andre Fullerton

With the ceremonies concluded, guests were invited out onto the patio to dance, grab some cake, take some fancy (or silly) photos at the Media Team’s photo booth, and get some info on their upcoming post-secondary education from booths set up by local universities.


Keenon Peterson and Jaeson Villanueva run the photo booth


The media team hard at work


Mingling on the patio


The photo booth



Students consider their future


A guide to the celebration can be found here:

Celebration Program (2)