Media Team: High Park

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
– Plato
As we begin our journey as the Media Team of 2015, we got to know each other as well as learn team building skills under the guidance of Michael Consul. By playing these games and going through new adventures, we were able to learn about our own strengths and working on our weaknesses. First lesson of the day: Fishing.

We started off our training day with a few jokes to get everyone smiling and laughing. Mike then taught us the basics on how to use a fishing rod. We practiced on our own for a few minutes and then went into a competition on who could get the bait closest to the target. We all tried our best, but Karen was the closest!

After competing against one another, we had the opportunity to try it out for real! Fishing truly teaches us that patience is a virtue.

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After fishing, we then made our way to the park. A few members of the team had their try at the sword in the stone, to see who was worthy. We then played a game of hide and seek, winner gets free ice cream from Mike!

After all the fun in the park, we went to an open field and played a few games. We tried out these games with each other as we will prepare for the Footsteps to Success Camp’s annual Camp Day. The competition between the two teams were intense. The energy and enthusiasm levels were so high that the heat didn’t even phase us.

Sebastian then showed us a few cool magic tricks and we officially called it a day.

Chase and Kevin look so interested to see what Sebastian will do next

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