Media Team Trip: Good Shepherd Ministries

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” (1 Peter 4:10)

As we continue our journey, the Media Team volunteers at Good Shepherd Ministries as our fourth trip.

How to make the beds

We started off the day by learning about Good Shepherd’s service for the homeless and neglected members of the community. By serving more than a thousand meals a day, providing people with shelter and clothing and help treating homeless people that have addictions, Good Sheppard strives to make a difference to those in need. We then headed up to the top floor where one of the housekeepers showed us how to make the beds. We had over 90 beds to make in under 2 hours so we split off into groups of two so that we can get the job done faster.

Saying a prayer before we eat lunch

We then decided to head down to the cafeteria to have lunch. When we finished, we went back up to the dorms to finish the rest of the beds. Since the Media Team loves to have competitions, we tried to find out which team made the best bed.

Later on we headed downstairs and split into our east end and west end teams to film clips of our music video and to do some of the beds that are located down there. Once we were done, we helped move boxes that was filled with clothing into a storage room and moved food that was put into the pantry and kitchen.

We ended the day with a little discussion and reflection on what we learned during the day. We realize that there are many people that are on the streets who are less fortunate than we are. We reflected on how we can make a little difference in our homes, schools and workplace. Before we parted ways, we also talked to a man who went to Good Shepherd for help before and thanked us for giving up our time to volunteer. We are still young, we still have more things to learn and experience in life, but this experience helped everyone grow spiritually as individuals and as a family.

Media Team group picture
Media Team group picture

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