PROFILE: CASMA Toronto (Junior Academy)

CASMA (Canadian Art Sport and Music Association) is an organization founded by Michael Dmitrik. Rebranded from the name Hoop House Basketball, CASMA strives to focus on a variety of things such as arts & crafts, sports, public speaking and S.T.E.M. They incorporate these assets alongside the fun activities of summer to help kids reach their fullest potential. This specific program runs at Junior Academy and is offered for boys and girls ranging from ages 4-14 between July 11-August 26.

A typical day at CASMA is not like your usual summer camp. The camp offers a variety of unique activities and on this day they dabbled with a bit of everything! The campers spent the morning in different groups doing fun things such as trail biking, arts & crafts, violin and various sports.

The four Focus on Youth staff placed at CASMA bring a big impact to the camp and campers enjoy being with them. They enjoy working at CASMA since it’s a fun and unique camp which don’t run the typical activities other camps do. Alongside the Focus on Youth staff, there are also bilingual counsellors who are suited to help the kids feel welcome into the new environment.

Peep into a multitude of fun and educational programs at the Junior Academy of CASMA Toronto! Some of the many activities offered at the academy include arts and crafts, violin, basketball, soccer, tennis, bike training, and trail biking.

In order of slides: Success Idahosa, Oluwanifemi (Tami) Adewumi, Brianna Valdez Cruz, Liam Brearly



CASMA Toronto


2454 Bayview Ave, North York, ON M2L 1A6

Dates and Times (2022)

July 11 – August 26

9:00 A.M – 4:00 P.M


4 to 14 years old

Contact Information:

Michael Dmitrik


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