PROFILE: BGC East Scarborough (St Brendan)

BGC East Scarborough is a part of the BGC organization. At BGC East Scarborough, they offer recreational programming alongside providing accessible quality social, educational programming within their numerous services. Their goal as an organization is to help youth and families be immersed in living healthy lifestyles. They also incorporate the importance of equality, self-esteem and a sense of belonging to those of all ages. If your child enjoys dabbling in new things, BGC East Scarborough is sure to have something to fuel their passion and help guide them along the way!

A typical day at BGC East Scarborough starts off with a morning activity which can range from a numerous amount of things based on the counsellor in charge. These activities always get kids immersed and excited at camp while also being educative by teaching them things about the world. Later on in the day, campers will have an extra 30-minute break before their lunch. After that, they participate in another activity before taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and playing outside.

The counsellors are always putting on a positive attitude towards the kids while also teaching them life lessons as the days go by. They do everything in their power to have the kids smiling at the end of the day before being sent home and constantly interact with them to build strong relationships with them.

In order of slides: Mark Mendoza, Drew Moncrieffe, Marlanae Martin



BGC East Scarborough


186 Centennial Rd, Scarborough, ON M1C 1Z9

Dates and Times (2022)

July 11 – August 19

7:00 A.M – 6:00 P.M


6 to 13 years old

Contact Information:

(416) 281-0262


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