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The Neighborhood Group is a community outreach program that attempts to help people who are in a lower income. They help everyone from the elderly to children. They’ve also helped over 40,000 low-income families. They address issues such as: poverty, homelessness, mental health, unemployment, social isolation, substance abuse, conflict resolution, violence, youth alienation, and the settlement of newcomers. All of these problems and many more are very prevalent in a big city like Toronto which makes this program very beneficial.

Campers and camp councilors playing dodgeball

At The neighborhood group the campers follow a schedule throughout the day like other camps. In the morning the campers will meet the camp councilors in the gym. They will then do a morning activity in the gym. The campers will then get brought to their respective classrooms and have a snack, then they will be brought to the park for physical activities for about an hour. The will then be brought back to their classrooms and have lunch and watch a movie. After lunch the campers will do another physical activity in the gym once again as a group as well as watch movies. On certain days they will also go to a swimming pool near by.

The camp councilors are always looking for new ways to get the campers engaged. Whether it is physical activity, watching a movie or playing outside they always try to keep them engaged, encouraged, and curious. This is very good for campers because they will always have someone who will support them and help them.


Osa Osariemen




The Neighbourhood Group


2 Lancaster Avenue

Dates and Times:

July 4th- August 28th



6 years old – 12 years old

Contact information:

Franclyn Clement


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