PROFILE: FHC Footsteps to Success Custodians

At Father Henry Carr Catholic School, a sense of dedication fills the air, and at the heart of it are two custodial stars – Kevin and Camilla. They bring a profound commitment to their roles, ensuring that the school is kept spotless and inviting.

Kevin and Camilla begin their day by focusing on classroom preparation. They expertly set up the furniture, ensuring that everything is in its proper position. Cleaning the desks, chairs, and taking care of the garbage are all part of their tasks. Their attention to detail creates an organized and tidy space for the day’s activities.

Beyond the classrooms, Kevin and Camilla extend their meticulous cleaning to all corners of the school. They leave no window pristine and no floor unattended. Dusting the shelves, maintaining cleanliness on the stairs, and ensuring a spotless cafeteria are also part of their tasks. Their dedication to these tasks ensures that Father Henry Carr Catholic School maintains a clean and inviting environment for everyone.

We are grateful for Kevin and Camilla, who wake up early each day, ensuring that the students may start their day in a clean and well-maintained environment. Their unwavering commitment showcases their understanding of the importance of a tidy and inviting space for the students’ learning experience.

Today, we acknowledge Kevin and Camilla – the custodial champions of Father Henry Carr Catholic School. Their hard work and dedication to maintaining a clean and organized school environment do not go unnoticed. Thank you, Kevin and Camilla, for your exceptional contributions, which enhance the overall experience at the school.

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