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The Child Experience Summer Camp is a non-profit organization created to give children ages 6-12 a fun and active summer.

Campers creating handshakes for drama.
Campers creating handshakes for drama.

The programs are student led, and student planned. Sports, drama activities, and arts and crafts are the main focus of their programs. Campers are encouraged to participate in all three activities every day. Also, the campers take part in games, songs, cheers, and small and large group activities.

Camper playing at the park
Camper playing on monkey bars at the park.

The main focus of The Child Experience Camp is to provide an affordable summer camp experience. Every day, the campers rotate to different stations three times. The stations include physical activities, arts and crafts, and drama. There are scheduled visits to parks, pools, and splash pads within their community on a weekly basis. The camp also have field trips to a variety of destinations within Toronto. Additionally, inter-camp events occur, where two or three camp locations come together for competitions and activities.

Campers creating monsters for Halloween Day.
Campers creating monsters for Halloween Day.

Focus on Youth Staff, Rhoma Chowdhury says, “working at St.Albert’s is amazing. All the kids are so full of energy and creative ideas. It’s always a fun and surprising day! Through working here, I’ve learned to keep an open mind and a smiling heart!”

Focus on Youth staff eating snacks with the campers
FOY staff eating snacks with the campers.

Leadership and team building skills are just some of what the kids come away with. Campers who attend The Child Experience Summer Camp are inspired to be leaders and counsellors.

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Organization: The Child Experience Canada Summer Camps


St. Albert Catholic Elementary School

1125 Midland Avenue

Scarborough, Ontario

M1K 4H2

Ages: 6-12

Dates / Times:

5 weeks


9am – 3:30pm


Contact Info:

Anthony Tacoma

647-GOT-CAMP (647-468-2267)

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