PROFILE: The Child Experience


The Child Experience is an organization that provides youth in the area an opportunity to participate in the community through fun and interactive ways. The camp provides various activities that keeps the kids engaged and always learning new things.

Campers sitting in a circle waiting for their next game.

This six-week summer program is full of spontaneous events that keep the campers attention. Split off into three groups based on their age range, each group rotates between sports, art, and drama. In each rotation, campers learn new skills and techniques all while making new friends and strengthening those friendships. Everyone learns new leadership skills and no one is left out in each of these activities. After three rotations, they proceed to lunch and move on to bigger activities. Throughout the week, trips are planned for the campers so that they can get more involved within the community!

Huckle buckle… knights on a horse!

Being apart of this camp is being in a big happy family. Everyone is welcoming and always smiling! This camp not only gives the opportunity to have fun, but also to build new friendships and leadership skills as well.

The Child Experience is a great organization that helps out many youth around the community. Campers learn something new everyday all while having lots of fun!

FOY Staff [left to right]: Tyreek Nosworthy (LIB), Selvin Leenus (JCM), Christian Lagasca (JCM), David Nkemitag (JCM), Henry Nunez (JCM), Keshia De Souza (JCM), Cristy Jacob (JCM)


The Child Experience

1685 Finch Ave, Toronto, Ontario
M3J 2G8

June 19th – August 7th

6 years old – 14 years old

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