Profile: Basketball World Toronto


The Dovercourt Basketball World Toronto camp in Saint Anthony Elementary School is an amazing opportunity for kids that want to play basketball. All of the student leaders are skilled and knowledgeable about the sport. These leaders are also students of the teacher supervisor at the program.  The kids get a great amount of personal attention because of the amount of counselors, and the small amount of kids in the camp. They are great at motivating and teaching their kids exactly what they need. This positive encouragement keeps kids coming back, because they know they can keep getting better.


The boys have a strong bond with each other

Basketball World Toronto was founded in 2005 to meet a need for high quality basketball programs in the city of Toronto. The founder saw the need to improve basketball programs by taking a more authentic basketball approach to the development and management of the programs.


Tyler and Chris leading the boys though warm ups

Basketball has the ability to have a positive effect on children’s lives when taught the right way. Camp BWT offers boys and girls a high quality basketball setting to learn and develop their skills in the game of basketball. The goal of the camps are to focus on teaching the core fundamental skills required to play basketball.


Explaining the drill


Adrian doing some under the basket shots


Getting them in with an amazing form


Camp rules and points system.


Coach Mike and Adrian







Organization: Basketball World Toronto

Location(s): St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School, 130 Shanly Street

Ages: All ages

Dates/Times: 6 weeks in the summer


Contact Info: Telephone: (416) 889-8727

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