Special Event: Chaminade Day

Future Chaminade Students

It was a warm day on July 18th, when students from a host of different elementary schools arrived at Chaminade College School, for their special High School Transition Camp Day. Every student present would be attending Chaminade come September.

Organized by Mike Consul and the Focus on Youth media team, the goal of the day was to prepare the students for high school life, as well as help them get to know their future schoolmates.

Mike Consul gets everyone warmed up
FOY leaders Zoe and Stefan lead the kids in icebreaker games

After a series of warmups by Mike Consul, the students were split into teams, each led by a member of the Focus on Youth media team. Each group participated in a team-building game, to help them break the ice and learn more about each other.

DSC_1161 DSC_1053 DSC_1066

Once the students were all worn out, they were assembled again for the learning part of the day. After some more exercised with Mike, each member of the Media Team got the chance to say their piece. The theme was a guide to surviving high school, and the kids got a taste of what high school is really like, and what you need to know about your studies, volunteering, and education in order to succeed.

DSC_1098 DSC_1102

The FOY team tells the students what they’ll need to know to survive high school
Chaminade staff and students congratulate the team on a job well done


As a result, the students walked away with a greater sense of what the high school experience will be like, all while building new and exciting friendships with fellow peers.

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