Profile: Dovercourt Boys & Girls Camp (St. Luigi)


The Dovercourt Boys & Girls camp at St Luigi is a great summer opportunity for children of all ages. The children have as much fun as they can because they have many student leaders to help out. The boys and girls are excited to go to school  every day, with student leaders who enjoy what they do, along with a large variety of games and activities that keep them coming back. The kids have so much fun that even the student leaders want to come back next year. With big smiles on both the kids and leaders faces, they look forward to the next day.


The camp’s main focus is to gain new experiences and and friends. They mainly work with education through recreation by doing math, English, and other subjects through games.


The kids love to play the carnival games that they set up.



FOY staff bounding


Picking teams


What a kick






Organization: Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club

Location(s): St. Luigi Catholic Elementary School, 2 Ruskin Avenue

Ages: All ages

Dates/Times: 8 weeks in the summer


Contact Info:

Telephone: (416) 530-4233

Notes: Go to their website for more information.

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