Profile: West Neighbourhood House (St. Francis of Assisi C.S.)

West Neighbourhood House is a social services agency that offers a variety of programs ranging from social assistance programs for adults, to camps and after school programs for children across Toronto. One of the many locations where West Neighbourhood House holds their summer day camps is in St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School. From various locations in the past to their current programs, West Neighbourhood House has been part of the lives and hearts of people of all ages and cultural backgrounds since 1912.

St. Francis of Assisi provides a full day program for eight weeks during the summer break for children 6 to 12 years of age. This program takes place in an integrated setting where children with different abilities come together to participate to their fullest potential.  The camp includes a variety of social and recreational activities ranging from sports, arts & crafts, skill-based games, child-directed and activities as well as swimming.  Regular visits to many community parks and Toronto attractions such as the Ontario Science Centre, C.N.E. and Harbourfront occur and are the highlights of the program. 

During the day, the children were busy preparing to celebrate a special event in St. Francis of Assisi dubbed “International Day”. Each child had a role in helping for this event, whether it was through crafts, or through games. This day celebrates what makes us all special by appreciating different cultures around the world in a variety of ways unique to camps in West Neighbourhood house.

From crafts that display different countries, to games from around the world that kids like them play as well. Cultural exposure is a key value in West Neighbourhood house, where people of over 60 cultures and over 40 languages all call this organization home. These special events are all part of the day to day examples of the hard work the people of this organization put out in order to build a stronger and more inclusive community in order to raise the next generation of future leaders.




West Neighbourhood House

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School
80 Clinton St, Toronto, ON M6G 2Y3

Dates/Times (2019):
July 2 – August 23
8:30am – 4:30pm

6 – 12 years old

Contact Information:
Tyheria (Site Director)
416-532-4828 ext. 124


PROFILE: Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre

Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre was established in 1972. Eastview is committed to improving the lives of those residing within the area bounded by Greenwood, Broadview, Danforth, and Queen Streets. They mobilize resources to provide a community that is united and safe.

Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre specifically has a Boys and Girls Club for the youth which runs for the duration of July to mid-August. The camp runs from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM for campers and offer activities focusing on: sports, fitness, natural science, creative arts, and musical theatre/dance. Eastview also provides numerous programs and services to children, youth, family seniors and newcomers. However, their summer camp primarily focuses on giving children a summer that involves opportunities to learn new skills, make friends, and have an unforgettable summer.

Aside from giving kids an unforgettable summer, the camp also accommodates for children with special needs. Their main goal is to provide a safe and inclusive environment to the campers. So regardless of who you are, the Eastview Community will welcome you and treat you like their own. Eastview strives to have children become more active in a safe environment, rather than having them spend their days in front of a screen. Eastview continues to build a stronger and inclusive community.


Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre

86 Blake St, Toronto, ON M4J 3C9

July 2 to August 23, 2019

5 years old – 11 years old

Contact Information:
Laurette Jack
4163921769 x 315


Programs: Central

Below is a list of all of the organizations that Focus on Youth partners with in the CENTRAL end of the city. 

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  • Davenport-Perth



  • Camp Wimodausis


  • Our Lady Of Lourdes


  • St. Mary’s



Programs: West

Below is a list of all of the organizations that Focus on Youth partners with in the WEST end of the city.

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PROFILE: Centre Educative Canada (St. Simon)

The Centre Educative Canada Summer Camp is affiliated with all the campers both academically and physically, in the sense that, it pays specific attention to sports and most importantly, to education. This camp believes that campers should still be focused and alert pertaining to their academics, especially during the summer holidays. Kids enjoy learning while being in a high spirited and positive environment.

Every day a lesson is prepared for the students in multiple subjects such as: literacy, numeracy, Spanish, French and communication skills. The goal is to keep each campers’ mind sharp and strengthen their academics to prepare them for the upcoming school year. Centre Educative Canada believes that campers should still be focused and alert, pertaining to their academics during the summer holidays. Each and every day, students take home newfound information as they constantly discover more about the world they are situated in.

At camp efforts are made to develop young children’s confidence, offering children and youth the opportunity that will enable them to overcome barriers and achieve success. Kids can make friends, gain self-confidence and learn more about what it means to be a responsible and caring individual. The daily routine includes a visit to the park or splash pad, organized games in the gym, free time outside and academic lessons in the classroom. Campers have the opportunity to explore and express themselves through different activities from sports to the arts.


Centre Educative Canada

St. Simon Catholic School
24 Strathburn Blvd, North York, ON M9M 2K3

July 2nd – August 27th
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

4 years old – 14 years old

Contact Information:
Patricia Lopez
(416) 744-9409

PROFILE: Scarborough Basketball Association (Jean Vanier)

The Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1996. Their aim is to teach the joy of basketball and the importance of disciplined work ethic to many children living in Scarborough.

This summer branch of the Scarborough Basketball Association is located at Jean Vanier CSS at 959 Midland Avenue. They teach basketball to children ages 5 to 12 years old.

The day starts off with warm-ups and scrimmage for the kids. Eventually, they train the kids through basketball drills and play modified camp games to further improve their skills. Every week, they also try to go on a excursion to a water park. The camp is jam-packed with various activities for the kids to enjoy the summer.

The environment at SBA is a positive and energetic one. Moreover, the coaches are always supportive and patient as the children are eager to learn new skills. The staff truly have a passion for helping the kids become better athletes! The organization inspires and guide kids throughout Scarborough who want to play professionally or are casual players. As they continue to teach many future athletes, it is a wonderful program for a young child wanting to learn the fundamentals of basketball.



Scarborough Basketball Association


Jean Vanier CSS
959 Midland Ave, Scarborough, ON M1K 4G4

Dates and Times:

July 2nd to August 9th

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


From 5 years old to 12 years old

Contact Information:

Peter Jones


Profile: Dovercourt Boys and Girls Clubs St. Luigi’s

Dovercourt Boys and Girls Clubs offers after school programs, evening programs, and summer camps for children and youth ages 4 to 17.  This organization runs every week of the year and entire facilities are utilized to meet their members needs. As such, Dovercourt Boys and Girls Clubs have the capacity to offer a variety of programs. Whatever hobby, sport, or passion your child is chasing, they have a place at Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club.

Founded in 1958, Dovercourt Boys and Girls Clubs has grown to accommodate a grand variety of campers age 4-17 each summer at their St. Luigi’s location and many others. Their facilities here include: a gym, classrooms, plus a playground right outside! On an average day, campers participate in many activities that get them active, involved, and excited for each day. In this particular case, the campers decided to build cardboard boats to prepare for a competition on a future pool trip day.

There is always support to be offered for the campers in St. Luigi’s. Whether it is just needing a buddy to talk to, or having a mentor that will support them as the camp progresses throughout the summer. Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club has helped teens and kids in a positive way, while letting them enjoy the summer in a very productive way. Whether it’s with Focus on Youth staff, volunteer staff, or as campers. There is always a guarantee that kids of all ages will have an amazing time here, while also making friendships and memories that will last them a lifetime.

FOY Staff



Dovercourt Boys and Girls Clubs


2 Ruskin Ave, Toronto, ON M6P 3P8

Dates and Times (2019):

July 2 – August 23

9:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M


4 to 17 years old

Contact Information:

Tony Palerno


Profile: Blue Jays 501 Adelaide (Nelson Mandela P.S)

Jays Care Rookie League is a free 7 week summer camp program for children ages 6 – 12 years old where life skills such as team work, determination, and leadership on and off the baseball field.  Jays Care works with partner organizations across the country to develop Rookie League programs that train local youth & adult staff to facilitate and measure the impact of high quality programs for children in their communities. The program is designed to use the power of baseball and the appeal of the Toronto Blue Jays to foster lasting social change and create leaders beyond the ballpark.

In Rookie League, children improve in many things such as: important life skills, self esteem and self-awareness, relationship with peers, connections to positive role models, and a better likelihood to living a physically active life. They are supported in a way that will greatly foster their growth by the hard working staff that serve as mentors and leading figures in their lives. Whether it is working together in numerous group games, or helping each other improve their baseball skills.

At Jays Care their principle is that every child is unstoppable no matter what their socioeconomic background is. This means creating a program like Rookie League that removes barriers from sport and to recreation opportunities which level the playing field for all. This includes gender, physical, and mental equity for all children and youth, ensuring the best program possible.

This program’s influence across several communities across Canada is not to be understated. Jays Care proudly impacts over 65,000 kids annually through their programs designed to give kids all across Canada the life skills and confidence they need to become truly #UnstoppableKids.

Focus On Youth Staff



Jays Care Rookie League


501 Adelaide Street

Toronto Ontario

M5A 4L6

Dates and Times (2019):

July 2nd – August 15th

9:00 A.M – 4:00 P.M (Mon to Fri)


6-12 years old

Contact Information:

Tasha Reece


PROFILE: Boys and Girls Clubs of West Scarborough (The Divine Infant)

Boys and Girls Clubs of West Scarborough (The Divine Infant)’s goal is to offer neighbourhood programs and services designed to enhance the well-being of people in the context of their community, culture and environment. Their values are the guiding principles which govern the actions of the West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre.

Every day is filled with many fun opportunities. The counselors ensure that education is also integrated within summer camp to keep their minds going. From arts and crafts to partaking in sporting activities the children are constantly occupied.

Through their 9 core values, West Scarborough’s Boys & Girls Club has transformed significantly since 1965 to become to multi service agency that it is today. Through Interdependence they believe in the interdependence of individuals, family and community at large. With Quality Service they are driven by the primacy of service with dignity and respect.

Volunteerism promotes and facilitates volunteer involvement in all facets of their operations. Equality and Access, is valuing and promoting equality and access in the context of a pluralistic society. Advocacy is how to actively promote causes and social policy that ameliorate the quality of community life. Overall Excellence, Leadership and Innovation, Accountability, and Staff and Volunteers help contribute to presenting West Scarborough’s Boys & Girls Club as the safe and welcoming environment it is.


Boys and Girls Clubs of West Scarborough (The Divine Infant)

The Divine Infant Catholic School
30 Ingleton Blvd, Scarborough, ON M1V 3H7

July 2nd – August 6th
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

6 years old – 12 years old

Contact Information:
Talissa Paulit
(647) 463-5542


Profile: Footsteps to Success: Father Henry Carr

Footsteps to Success is one of the three camps founded by Andre Fullerton. It was created to allow youth to become involved, and to help urban communities grow. This camp provides youth with the opportunity to grow and develop teamwork, creativity, cultural awareness, and leadership skills. Footsteps to Success focuses on building the community by investing in youth, to give them a different outlook, and expose them to new opportunities. Campers are led by the Focus on Youth students who bring positive energy, enthusiasm, and develop into amazing role models. 

Footsteps to Success at Father Henry Carr is for youth ages 6-14, and takes place from July 2nd- August 9th. This summer camp comes with free admission, a daily morning breakfast, weekly trips, swimming and workshops such as the STEAM program (which gives an exciting outlook on a variety of subjects). Each day the campers are led by the staff to participate in morning exercises to get them ready and energized for the day. The kids rotate through various activities which include the Arts, Leadership and Sports. The camp also provides a variety of weekly trips to the Zoo, Canada’s Wonderland, The Science Center and more!

The Arts program is an opportunity for the kids and counsellors to develop relationships as it allows them to socialize and be creative. Activities in the arts include activities such as singing, dancing, music and drama.

The Leadership program allows the kids to develop strengths, improve on weaknesses, and become effective future leaders.

The Sports program is another opportunity for the kids to have fun with each other and the staff; they play different sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, and many more. It motivates the kids to try their best and to stay active. Last but not least, the campers always come together to play a variety of group games!

FOY Staff Members



Footsteps to Success Father Henry Carr


1760 Martin Grove Rd & Finch Ave, Etobicoke, ON

Ages: 6-14

Contact Information:

Andre Fullerton



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